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35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Ant Bite Stitch [Image via Alex Wild]

15. Nature’s Stitches

Due to being in the elements, any cut can be infected very quickly. The best thing to do is wrap up your cut and try to clean it with what you have available. Yet one of the coolest ways to survive when lost has to do with a makeshift first-aid concept.

You can use ants with big mandibles or pinchers by putting the ant right at the open sore. Close in the sore and have the ant bite into you. Then just pull the ant off but keep the head and pinchers in. This will act as makeshift stitches and multiple can be used, but we’d recommend changing them out often.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Plantago Major Plant [Image via Bubushonok/Shutterstock.com]

14. Look for the Meds!

All medications seemingly began with some sort of property that originated from a plant. Since we know medications are all around us, we shouldn’t overlook them when we’re in need. One of the biggest ways to survive when lost is to know about various medicinal plants native to your area.

Always be aware of the environment you are in. For example, in the United States, there are plants like Yellowroot and the Broadleaf Plantain that both have medicinal properties. Broadleaf acts as an aid to gastrointestinal distress, plus they are good in salads too. Meanwhile, Yellowroot is helpful for things like infections, it also helps get rid of mouth sores, and acts as a sedative when used with other medicinal plants. Both of these can be critical finds to aid you in the wild.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Woman Sleeping in Hammock [Image via Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock.com]

13. Bedding Location is Very Important

A lot of people make the mistake of making camp and merely laying on the ground. While it is true that a good fire can help rid you of most bugs, there are many other creepy crawlies that come out at night too. From things like scorpions to fire ants, even lizards, and snakes. It’s quite clear that being on the ground can be a bad idea.

The best thing to do is make a platform off the ground, which can be easily done by finding sturdy branches. To make it softer for sleeping, merely find leaves to put across it. You may not have them, in which case you can cut parts of some trees off with your knife and weave together bedding.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Signal Mirror [Image via Asmiana/Shutterstock.com]

12. Mirror Survival

Having two people can also help you cover more ground. The problem is you do not want to get lost if you have to split up, so some form of communication is key. Most women pack mirrors in their bags, allowing you to use one or a few to signal back and forth. For the average guy, sadly you need to get more creative.

You can make one out of the water if it is cold enough too! You’ll just need to weave out a handle and put water in the middle then allow it to freeze. Merely knock off the chunks in the back and you now have a makeshift mirror to help with signaling. There is also the possibility of making glass but that’s far too complicated.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Feather Stick [Image via Pinterest]

11. The Feather Stick

Starting a fire is huge in a survival situation, especially when it’s cold and/or wet outside. It is unlikely you’ll bring a fire-starting kit, a lighter, or matches when you get lost. This is where we have one of the coolest ways to survive when lost in the wild, as we refer you to the infamous “feather stick.”

To make one, find a tree and remove as much bark as you can and cut out some of the wood from the inner tree. Once you to, peel open the layers of the wood and you’ll make what appears like a feather. This will help you start fires easier, even if it gets wet. It’s quite a useful tinder.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Blister on Foot [Image via Gajus/Shutterstock.com]

10. Blister Control

A lot of people get blisters when in a survival situation. This is not good as they can become painful and even affect how well or far you can walk, with even pain being an issue. Yet one of the ways to survive when lost most important to remember is to know how to handle these blisters when they come about.

In order to avoid fluid from building up, you need to make sure to cut into the blister just a bit. By doing it sooner, you prevent the pain that the build-up provides and it’ll be a smaller hole. This will prevent you from making a larger hole later with a bigger blister. Use duct tape if handy as a bandage of sorts for the cut.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Naturally Made Rope [Image via theurbanabo.com]

9. Natural Rope

It’s possible that you won’t pack rope in a survival situation, very few of us do. Due to this, you’ll want to create some natural rope to help yourself out. You can do this by cutting into trees with your knife. Obviously those that do not have bark are easier for this but you can use those too. Cut long threads off the trees.

The more you get, the better. Once you do, make things smaller by cutting into the wood you now have. Once you have these makeshift ribbon strips, they will be easy to form stuff with. Just weave them together after tying a knot at the top. The more you do this, the more rope you’ll create. Willow trees are perfect for this but most trees can work.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Char Cloth Tinder Box [Image via Flint and Steel]

8. Char Cloth

When you need to make a fire in a hurry or simply want to conserve energy, the char cloth is the way to do. Before you leave a campsite fire, be sure to use some cloth or rope that is made of plant fibers. Rope is slightly different depending on what you have access to.

Essentially, you’ll want to char this but not burn it with your fire. By creating the char cloth, it takes practically no effort to get a fire going upon a spark. One of the most critical ways to survive when lost anywhere is getting a fire going, especially in a way that conserves energy. This is the perfect way to do that. Many even work in wet conditions!

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Ash on Hands [Image via Bio Urns]

7.  Nature’s Soap

One of the most important ways to survive when lost anywhere is to have some sort of disinfectant or soap product. Chances are, they aren’t growing on trees. However, you can get the next best thing with your fire by using ash! It’s basically nature’s own soap.

Heck, there is specifically made Ash Soap on sale right now in stores. When wood burns and creates ash, sodium hydroxide can be created by mixing it with water, which is what the Ash Soap technically is. Water is not always needed, as the ash is basically potassium carbonate. Thus, it’ll do a lot of cleaning by itself.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Birds by Water [Image via Unsplash]

6. How to Find Water

A lot of people die in survival conditions not from animals killing them or the elements, but often from dehydration. Therefore, it should go without saying that one of the biggest ways to survive when lost anywhere in the world is to stay hydrated as much as possible. The question is, how do you do this?

Following animals can lead you to better resources but it seems that birds and bees often nest near water resources or know where some happen to be. Thus, following them will likely help you find water too. Be careful not to spook them or they’ll fly off faster and you’ll have nothing.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Natural Water Filter [Image via Shuttershock.com]

5. Create a Water Filter

Creating a water filter is the best thing you can do to get clean water. Ultimately, you need to do this as even bringing water up to a boil in a fire won’t completely rid you of bad stuff in the water. Therefore, it is good to filter it too. This can be done pretty easily. The first thing you need is an empty bottle or container. One can be made with things like birch bark too, up to you!

Poke small holes in the bottom of it, now you’ll want to find coarse gravel, coarse sand, crushed up charcoal, and fine sand. Then fill up the container about an inch or two. Then add water to the top layer of fine sand. It should filter the water completely by the end of the water’s journey through. We’d recommend still boiling it for extra security.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Charcoal Water [Image via Rimma Bondarenko/Shuttershock.com]

4. But the Water Tastes Terrible

A lot of people will do everything they have to do in order to filter their water and/or putting it up for a boil. Their water will be okay to drink but may taste absolutely terrible. This can be a huge problem, as it’ll be a tough thing to deal with from a mental standpoint. Mental health is big when lost.

Therefore, one of the best ways to survive when lost is to keep your mental state healthy. When it comes to water, you can do this pretty easily. Simply add charcoal to the water. It absorbs some of the bad-tasting stuff and will actually help to make your water taste better. Go ahead, try it and see!

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Camping Jackets [Image via Gear Junkie]

3. The Use of Sleeves

When you’re in a hot environment, our human impulse is to remove layers to cool down. This is due to our bodies sweating due to overheating. This is a good reaction most of the time, but when you’re in the wild? Not so much. One of the key ways to survive when lost in a warmer environment is to keep those long sleeves on.

The reason? When you sweat, you’re losing water from your body that is being used to cool you down. With open skin, you’re allowing all that sweat to evaporate. However, the sleeves or clothing, in general, will catch it. Losing sweat or water from your body quickly can lead to faster dehydration symptoms or heatstroke. So leave the clothes on rather than remove them!

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Primitive Bone Knife [Image via YouTube-WolfPack Survival]

2. Weapons & Tools

It’s very clear that proper weapons and tools will be needed. They are very important and using them will be one of the key ways to survive when lost anywhere in the world. But what if in your haste to go into the wild, for some reason, you leave behind any weapon or tool that could help?

This isn’t an issue. You can use rocks to knock edges off of other rocks or hard substances to create these. You can create sharp tipped knives or arrowheads using this method. Native Americans, as well as Indigenous tribes, have used this method for literally thousands of years.

35 Unique Ways To Survive When Lost In The Wilderness
Resting Outside [Image via MIND AND I/Shutterstock.com]

1. Remember to Rest

It should go without saying that rest is key yet many people are so desperate to get out of the survival issue they are in that they forget about it. However, conserving energy might be one of the most important ways to survive when lost anywhere in the world. You’ll need to save up energy at all costs, so doing things in survival to save it can be crucial.

From taking rests more often to walking slower or going around more intense climbs is best. For some, this is not much of an issue and they can soldier on without an issue. Truly, this all depends on the shape a person is in. Some people may need more rest than others.


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