30 Reasons for Flat Earth Theory

By Trista
30 Reasons for Flat Earth Theory

Have you heard the idea that the earth is flat? No, I’m not talking about a theory from thousands of years ago. I’m talking about the one that is circulating today and that seems to be growing in popularity. Read on to learn some of the ludicrous reasons why people insist that the earth is flat.


Credit: NASA

If NASA says something, then it can’t possibly be true.

1. NASA Insists That The Earth Is Round

We’ve all seen the videos from NASA. When astronauts first landed on the moon, they took pictures of the “earth rise,” as seen from outer space. When the Voyager probe was about to leave the solar system, the famous astronomer Carl Sagan had it turn around and take a snapshot of the earth. 

NASA is pretty insistent that the earth is round. But the agency is also trying to cover up alien visitations, right? After all, it’s a government agency, and the government is trying to keep us in the dark about everything. So if NASA says it, it can’t possibly be true.