20 Science Games and Other Fun and Educational Activities

By Trista
20 Science Games and Other Fun and Educational Activities

Summer is upon us, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for learning. Science is not only educational, but it is also entertaining! Especially when you have interactive science kits full of games and activities. There are a plethora of science games you can find online, for all ages. From stargazing and scavenger hunts to elements and STEM, you’ll find a science activity for every member of your family.


Challenge you and your family to the most epic balancing act in a game. Credit: Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

This amazing game is fun for the entire family and is also nice and easy to start playing. What does this game test? It’s all about your hand-eye coordination. You’ll have 24 game rods, a wooden base, four frame rods, colored die, and a wooden connector to enjoy this balancing act.

It can be played with one to four players, which makes it a terrific option for families. It will also help your children to develop their all-important cognitive and interpersonal skills. Playing and interacting with your children will be a great time away from screens and quality time you can use to truly bond with them. 

Sushiyaya says, “Playing the game is fun. And a challenge. But it’s also fun to arrange yourself like making a mobile. Very artsy. Love it, and I’m the Auntie.”

Play the Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game for $15.29