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These Fans Share their Most Controversial ‘Star Wars’ Opinions
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The Empire Was A More Effective Government Than The Republic

Hot take on this one. When it comes to controversial opinions of Star Wars fans, this likely has a shining role. Several people believe that The Empire was a better and more effective government than The Republic. Redditor FriendsNeeded laid into The Republic, writing: “The Republic was corrupt, with greedy politicians and government factions. It allowed places like Tatooine and Jaku to be controlled by gangs and thugs. They also weren’t respected in their authority and only cared for a few planets. The Empire was respected for its authority. As long as your planet was not a threat and you weren’t either, then you are fine. They sent stormtroopers to most planets they controlled. The Casino scene in The Last Jedi also proved the First Oder believed in free-market ideas.” It’s hard to disagree here honestly.


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