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No Man’s Sky was released in 2016 by Hello Games. While they were technically published originally by Sony Entertainment to become a PlayStation exclusive, that eventually changed. However, it was due to this Sony partnership that Hello Games put out a massively hyped game that turned out to be…well…trash. The Hello Games crew could have moved on to another IP. They made plenty of money off of No Man’s Sky and would be able to move past it, but they chose to stick with this title. They wanted to give gamers what they hyped up and promised during the build-up to its release.

Since then, the team has put out at least one major update annually over the last 5 years. Of course, more than a dozen updates have been released in that time. All of them have been free too. Of course, it involved a variety of different things. From various starship types to building materials and so on. One of their latest updates allows you to become what is essentially a Mayor of your own settlement. The updates have also allowed us to get brand new worlds and star systems, which are absolutely incredible. Gamers love visiting the amazing worlds, so we felt you all might like to see some of the best this writer has come across. Let’s get started!

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Important Note

Before we get into all of the potential planets one can come across in No Man’s Sky, it is key to point out that there are quite a lot of them. Therefore, we won’t be able to reference them all, but we will discuss those we liked the most. There are roughly 11 to 14 different versions of planets you can come across. However, not all planets within that category will be the same. For example, there is a category known as “Lush.” These planets tend to be the most beautiful and have weather as well as temperatures that won’t really harm you. Yet there are numerous types of Lush planets, 11 versions to be exact.

A few you can come across are known as Verdant, Tropical, Paradise, Temperate, Grassy, Bountiful, and so many more. However, some such as the Rainy and Humid versions will have what seems like endless rain or temperature irregularities that can make being there pretty tough unless you have a shelter. Even then, storms can get out of control at times and sweep you up with wind, and even hit you with acidic rain. Others like the Flourishing or Overgrown versions will often have a lot more supplies and major natural resources that you can take advantage of. Each type will have its good and bad version, which you’ll see soon. That’s ignoring sentinels!

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Reddit – BenouKat]

Rocky Planet

  • Biome: Barren

Rocky Planets on No Man’s Sky can be quite difficult to deal with at times. They can be exactly as they sound, just entirely rocky without much going on. At times, there might even be a planet that barely contains any water or absolutely none at all. Rocky planets in normal science are those like ours, Earth. We are technically a rocky planet because most of our planet is covered and essentially built on rock. In fact, our water had to come to us via asteroids that hit the planet millions of years ago in order for us to have things like oceans at all. Rocky planets in NMS are the same way.

They do not have as much water as other planets because they likely did not get lucky as we did on Earth. However, there are some Rocky planets that look absolutely beautiful. Such as the one that Reddit user BenouKat found about six years ago. Rocky planets are part of the “Barren” biome version of planets. All of these planets will be rocky or sandy, but this one looks to be a complete rock. The cool thing about planets like this is the interesting caves, such as the one found here. Be careful though, because storms can be rough! Interestingly, not all Rocky planets will have the same issues, making discovering 5 to 10 a new experience each time.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Reddit – TinyMiniPixel]


  • Biome: Mega Exotic (Glitch)

To be clear, we’re being serious when we say that there is a type of planet type specifically known as [REDACTED]. They are all over the place, but you’ll mostly find them in red star systems. However, they have been found elsewhere too. People usually just get lucky to come across them, as well as many other exotic planet types on No Man’s Sky. The issue with [REDACTED] planets is that, well, they are “redacted” for a reason. The ones this writer has come across can be pretty unsettling when you step foot on the surface. Some might have weird noises, which can differ on them all too.

Many will have some oddities you see on other exotic planets. Others might have weird weather that could sweep you up and drive you several miles from your ship. Then you might see some that have a weird red or black and white haze, which affects what everything looks like on the planet. Some assume this has something to do with the star close by, yet other planets are not affected the same way…only those [REDACTED] planets. They can be quite a treat to visit as well as absolutely hazardous. These differ from planets with redacted weather or wildlife though, so remember to not get those confused.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Reddit -rhuntington3]

Gamma-Intensive Planet

  • Biome: Irradiated

Gamma-Intensive planets in No Man’s Sky are pretty interesting. They are part of the Irradiated biome type, all of which are quite odd. Most of these planets will have spiraling circles you can see from space as you’re passing by or even heading toward them. Each will have radioactive gases, weird-looking animals, and usually mutated or warped plant life. These are the planets where you might find supplies like Radon, Uranium, and Nitrogen. However, one type that has always been interesting to visit from this type is the Gamma-Intensive version. It has all of the things irradiated planets have, but they also have gamma dust.

The atmosphere around you will often be greenish, but it can also be purple and yellow among others. It can truly look quite beautiful but this dust is toxic. Thus, staying in it for too long can kill your created avatar. The gamma dust is not all you’ll need to worry about. Storms here can be incredibly intense. Due to high radioactivity, lightning strikes are very common. The creatures here can also grow and become quite large. You can adopt the mutated wildlife and take care of them. Doing so here results in creatures growing into what is basically a large dinosaur. Which can then be your companion anywhere you go.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Lost Red Planet

  • Biome: Mega Exotic

Funny enough, a Lost Red Planet is exactly as it sounds. This planet is usually going to be found in a red star system and will usually be labeled a “Lost Red Planet” when you find it. However, if you come across one of these in a green or blue star system, it will often be [REDACTED] instead. This is likely due to the fact that it should not be in that type of star system, but it is. Therefore, something abnormal must have taken place for it to be there. Yet the one this writer came across was indeed in a red star system.

The Lost Red planet is pretty weird. There is a red mist that seems to give the place a red hue at all times. Plus, it’s almost like the rain or mist itself is made of blood, as it too is very red. However, these are actually planets with some perfect resources. They usually contain a lot of carbon but also cadmium, a cherished resource only found in red star systems like this. It truly seems like you’ve landed in hell when you get to the surface though. The world is red all around you, and even the water even has a red hue to it. The entire place is eerie, to say the least. Yet in that weird sense, these planets are truly beautiful. Well, until the storms come at least.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Twitter – @MJRVex]

Incandescent Moon

  • Biome: Scorched

We know we were discussing mostly planets on this list, but the actual name of the list has to do with “worlds.” Moons do not often get the same distinction because of how small they tend to be. Most also cannot sustain life, at least not like Earth could today. However, one of Saturn’s moons known as Titan actually could likely be a destination for humans to live on one day. In No Man’s Sky, there are several moons that are simply just smaller versions of planets. Of course, most of the moons you see will be a lot like the Earth’s moon. There won’t be an atmosphere, you’ll have very little gravity to deal with, etc.

Yet there are others that have a lot of cool things to check out. One of the moons in NMS that we find to be pretty cool is known as an Incandescent Moon. It technically belongs to the Scorched biome type, just like an Incandescent Planet would. They actually can differ somewhat from the planet version. In that, you might still experience high temperatures. Yet you’ll likely have a lighter form of it. Often, the surface floor will be hot and sometimes even on fire. Little firestorms can happen here too. Yet on the moon version, you might see this less often. These moons can truly be beautiful, and well worth your time.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Empty Planet

  • Biome: Dead

Empty planets are so freaky in No Man’s Sky. Several are impressive to see because they are so empty that you just kind of lose yourself in it all. There is nothing as far as the eye can see except for the things you or others put there. Nothing grows on these planets, as they are part of the “Dead” Biome in NMS. Basically, unless it is artificial, you will never see anything on these planets. How did they come to be so empty and just one big rock in the sky? Sadly, that is truly unknown. We can only go off of science such as astrophysics among others to assume that something destroyed the atmosphere.

On the planet you see above, the atmosphere is gone entirely. That is why you can easily see the stars, whereas you need to be much higher on other planets to do so. There is very little gravity and it’s almost like being on our own Moon. Thus, we could only assume this but it is very likely something such as a solar flare or even a major explosion in space affected this planet. Interestingly, there were very radioactive planets right next to this one. Which might also be to blame. It’s eerily calm here, not even wind to worry about. It would be peaceful if not for the fact that this is a game where you could be attacked at any time.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Quagmire Planet

  • Biome: Marsh

When this writer came across a planet labeled simply “Quagmire,” it was too interesting to pass up. Of course, there is a character on Family Guy with the same name, which is likely the very thing you were thinking when you saw the name. Yet in No Man’s Sky, there is not some planet where you hear “Giggity” all the time. Rather, this fits the definition of the “quagmire” term. It is defined as a “soft, boggy area of land that gives way underfoot. When this writer entered the planet, it was tough to see anything of note. It was storming, and nearly impossible to land. Finally, an opening popped up when nearly hitting a mountainside.

Turning around, this writer/explorer landed on the mountain to capture the image you see here. As you can tell, the place looks like an endlessly cloudy and stormy area. To be fair, it is not always like this. As you get closer to the surface floor off of the mountains, you’ll see what feels like a tropical setting. Sunshine is rare here, and rain rarely stopped. However, there were levels of rain. Sometimes it was light and other times storms became extreme, where you could be struck by lightning almost as if it targeted you. Interestingly, these storms offer a resource known as a “storm crystal.” It can be used for crafting yet also sells for a nice amount too.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Pinterest]

Water Worlds

  • Biome: Numerous

Water worlds in No Man’s Sky one would assume are connected more to the Lush Biome. Yet it really depends, because any Biome can have a world made mostly of water. This does not really matter ultimately. A lot of users who play NMS love these worlds because they can be perfect for setting-up bases. Sometimes, you might see people develop complete underwater bases. With a few trying to make their own version of Atlantis. It seems that Hello Games realized this was a common thing among gamers and wanted to build on that.

Thus, they developed building materials that specifically work best in underwater environments. Other parts are only able to be added underwater and nowhere else. The materials were huge assets, and led to people going to water worlds more! They really are impressive but you’ll see so many different types. Some have water that is completely radioactive, forcing you to buy protective gear to enter it. Others have deadly species that will go on the attack. Trying to get materials in the water usually brings them out, so be careful to avoid them. Of course, some have more land than others too…so we recommend landing on one with larger islands.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Blighted Planet

  • Biome: Toxic

Blighted Planets are really interesting. Depending on the star system you find them in, they can be perfect for resources. Many No Man’s Sky players set up farm bases on planets like this. That is usually due to the fact that they have terrific materials you’ll need to make money in the game or to develop weapons among other equipment parts. Any water or resources here can be completely radioactive and toxic, but they can be quite beautiful at times too.

The main thing you’ll be able to get on planets like this will be things like carbon, sodium, and even nitrogen or uranium. All of the plants that somehow grew here were all mutated by the radioactivity of the planet. That is why they might look incredibly weird compared to other plants you see elsewhere. No Man’s Sky allows you to review and send information on plants like this, among others. Therefore, we recommend you do that and make some extra cash too.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Lava Planet

  • Biome: Volcanic

Oh, this type of planet can be incredible to check out. As you can see from the image we captured, the Lava Planets belong to the Volcanic Biome. These planets will all have volcanoes on them, but each planet type will have its own specialized issues to check out. Of course, you can see a lot of black around here. Usually, these are ferrite or rock types. One scientific thing you may not know is that lava is essentially super-heated rock. This is why you see these rocks look the way they do.

Most of the time, water will be quite scarce here for obvious reasons. On Lava Planets, you’ll likely experience more active volcanoes where lava is flowing throughout the planet. If you check out our image, you’ll see some black and red in there. When volcanoes or firestorms take place, those areas will actually catch on fire or turn into running lava. That means if you’re standing there when those things happen, you’ll burn up if you stick around. For places like this, you cannot stay in one place for too long.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Rattling Planet

  • Biome: Exotic (Bone Spire)

Rattling Planets can be absolutely amazing. They are terrific for resources you’ll likely need in the No Man’s Sky game. Many of them have weather patterns that are relatively manageable. Plus, these planets tend to be favorites among the locals. Therefore, they will set up beacons or large machines you can check out. You’ll also see some VERY interesting plants here. At first, many will assume this is just a barren planet without much going on…which is understandable. However, it’s actually part of the Exotic Biome. Technically, it’s a sub-biome that was not in the game initially.

In new updates, Hello Games added the “Bone Spire” sub-biome, which the Rattling planets belong to. In the game, they claimed this was part of a new “awakening of worlds” that Polo observed. The cross-like rattle spine and tentacle planets are pretty cool. The rattle spine plant glows with a reddish-orange hue at night and is yellow through the ring-shaped crevices. You’re actually able to collect smaller versions as trophies. Look out for the Bone Crawler though, as it can surprise people as it digs through the ground. Only its spikes show up on the surface and if you’re in its path, you’re in trouble.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via IGN]

Worm-Ridden Planet

  • Biome: Lush (Infested)

It does not take a rocket scientist to see why these planets have the name they do. While massive sandworms can show up nearly anywhere, especially in Dune-like desert worlds, they show up elsewhere too. The Hello Games crew felt that there probably needed to be planets that were either taken over by these massive things or were the planets they originally emerged from. Typically, the Worm-Ridden planets are going to be on Lush planets. They tend to love being in nicer environments just like the rest of us.

That throws you off when you see the planet. You’ll land on its surface assuming everything is good to go, but soon you’ll see these giants show up to terrify you. It is truly a crazy situation because you never really expect it unless you viewed the information on this planet before you landed on it. While part of the Lush biome, it’s actually involved in the “infested” sub-biome. These are biome types where you’ll see a lot of a particular species or even sentinels that can essentially be threatening to any other sentient life. You’ll often be hired to go help kill off some of these species on infested planets to make it more habitable too.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Ossified Planet

  • Biome: Exotic (M-Structure)

You never know what to expect from No Man’s Sky sometimes. You might actually come across some truly beautiful yet incredibly weird planets, just like this. Known as an Ossified Planet, you’ll see crazy-looking plants. This is due to something known as the “Mollusc-Virus.” Essentially, this virus affected the entire planet and ended up forming calcified shells like what you see above, with many having animated virus-shaped purple phenomena at its center. These mollusk-based shells will also coat other areas of the land, as it was absorbed by local plants.

That led to calcified tree-like structures as you’ll see above. These seem to yield carbon when they are being collected. Of course, the big thing on these planets is obviously the “ossified stars.” You’ll see them all over the image we added above. Many can actually be collected and taken with you as trophies. You’ll also see some of the smaller stars moving about the planet, but some of the larger ones might be moving around as well. Yet once the “stars” become too large, they won’t be able to move and will then be absorbed by the land. They will then go on to be used to form superstructures, so “saving” some as trophies can be good for them.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via PC Gamer]

Terraforming Catastrophe Planet

  • Biome: Dead

There are some very sad places to go, with the worst being the Terraforming Catastrophe planets. Remember, planets are technically living beings of their own. When you decide to come into the planet to change it, you’ll be drastically altering it. Of the three main species in the No Man’s Sky game, any of them could have tried to terraform a planet to fit their own needs. However, there might another species we do not know of that tried to do this too. Yet some planets simply cannot change what they are, and that leads to an absolute catastrophe. There’s a reason these planets are part of the “dead” Biome.

We actually tried to brighten up the image you see above, truly. It was impossible to do because this planet is essentially dying. It was mutated to try and change it but the terraforming was either never finished OR it just did not take. The species just moved on to terraform another planet, leaving this one behind to die. Now, you have landed on it to experience all of the horrifying issues. Some of the plants are mutated, and you’ll see some like the trees above, looking like they experienced bad radioactive issues. The water is poison, the animals are insane if there are any at all, and it feels like you’re experiencing this planet’s funeral the entire time.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Hexagonal Planet

  • Biome: Exotic (Hexagon)

This is known as a Hexagonal Planet. You could likely see why by checking out the very cool landscape around you. The best part about this type of planet is that there are rarely any major weather issues to worry about. They also seem to be easy to breathe in, requiring less oxygen to survive. Nothing is toxic here, and you can even see interesting wildlife that fits the landscape itself. Weirdly, it seems to be the perfect type of planet to be on if you like to see crazy landscapes.

Yet other than pretty much one type of wildlife, there is no other living lifeform on these planets that isn’t a fellow gamer. One cool thing about these planets is that you can see the hexagon landscape from space. You truly cannot miss it, making it the most recognizable landscape in the entire game. If you hate weather problems and toxic issues, as well as wildlife attacking you…this is the type of planet for you. Especially if you like to be all alone, away from the universe itself.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Stellar Corruption Detected Planet

  • Biome: Mega Exotic

Mega Exotic planets in No Man’s Sky generate differently depending on the version you come across. For the initial red star version of Stellar Corruption Detected planets, the same type of planet can also be found in both green and blue star systems. Those are simply known as “Chromatic Fog” planets. Yet the Stellar Corruption Detected planets found in green and blue star systems will simply be known as [REDACTED] planets in red star systems. Confusing, we know. The star system you find this type of planet in will determine the weather you’ll most likely deal with. They are usually in places without working space stations.

The specific version you see above is from a green star system. Rain here can be incredibly toxic, which will require your suit to be prepared for higher toxicity levels if you wish to be out in it. This rain is referred to as “corrupted blood” by the NMS game. Interestingly, the water here is perfectly fine to swim in without major toxicity compared to the rain. However, when storms come in…and they do quite often, the water can then become toxic to swim in. For some planets, you can escape surface rain toxicity by going underwater. Not here, not on this planet. It is still beautiful to check out with tons of interesting-looking plants to enjoy.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Scaly Planet

  • Biome: Exotic (Hexagon)

Scaly Planets are similar to hexagon planets. You’ll notice how the landscape has those interesting hexagons all over. Yet it is mixed with small scaly hexagons all over the place too. This is how it gets its name. The wildlife here, as you see above, is incredibly gorgeous and interesting. The plants here, as you’ll also be able to see in the image above, are unlike anything else in the entire universe. While all of these planets have a cool look during the day, it’s at night that the planet comes alive. As you can see, the creatures glow as do the plants all over the planet. Yet on top of that, the surface floor might glow in specific sections.

Like the other hexagon-type planets, scaly planets are not home to really any major lifeform or settlement. Two out of three major lifeforms avoid these planets. The remaining is the Korvac, who pop up off and on. If you build a base here and make a few port sectors, others will land on the planet too. Yet it’s weird to see something like this as these planets are often so peaceful and look amazing. How is it that life is not spread all over? The main reason is resources. This planet simply does not produce any of note, making it impossible to rely upon as a self-sustaining place. The Korvac can deal with this because they are mostly machines.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Science Sensei – Joe Burgett]

Metallic Planet

  • Biome: Exotic (Fract Structure)

You’ll also see the Korvac frequently show up on these planets, and usually run the system they are part of. Metallic planets are amazing to check out, and also do not have a lot of bad weather problems compared to others. These planets are notable for the metal you see all over the place as if it’s stuck in the ground worldwide. Yet you will also see giant red fract-cubs known as Redbraite. Some are alive and will be seen rolling around the planet. There are also a lot of smaller redbraites here too, as you see above. They will eventually grow larger with more metal alloy accompanying them.

Sadly, some will eventually become part of the overall planet and will no longer be able to move. Their light dims from red in the middle to full white when that takes place. But it should be noted that all of this is part of the “Terbium Growth” process. Terbium cores are living creatures and are sometimes able to escape their metallic prisons. As you can see above, some of those cores freely roam around the planet. These little orbs are harmless as are the full Redbraites. Making this a relatively safe planet to create bases and meet up with friends. However, something is happening on these planets that few understand and it’s worth exploring more.

The Best Alien World Types To Visit In No Man’s Sky
[Image via Reddit – Thevirtualgetaway]

Paradise Planet

  • Biome: Lush

How could we forget about the most lovely places to visit in the entire No Man’s Sky universe? Paradise planets will usually have the best weather conditions, a lack of toxicity most of the time, and some of the most gorgeous landscapes you can ever see. The grass you see above is truly purple, yet grass can be blue, green, red, and even a few other types. It just has to do with the one you visit and especially what type of star system you’re in. This is where most people tend to want to create bases and start settlements.

The drawback is that while there are a lot of resources here, most of them are just the most common resources one needs. Specialized resources are rarely found on any Lush planets, which is why you have to check out some of the ones we referenced already. Your home can always be in Paradise like this, but you won’t be able to stay here forever if you want to build specialized weapons, buildings, etc. This is saddening, sure, but your home is not going anywhere. You can always return to see this beautiful land. For once you create a base here, you’re now a landowner in paradise.

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