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Sci-Fi Movies are Great, But These Films Used the Worst Technology
Are you a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek — or both? The latter has better technology. Esquire.

Star Trek Tech Is Surprisingly Accurate

Even though much of the technology in Star Trek is futuristic and fictional, a lot of it is plausible. At least, this is true given what we know now. Most people are familiar with the science fiction ideas seen in Star Trek. It is a household name at this point. So it is cool that a broad audience is being exposed to real science. Moreover, while the writers do not get everything right regarding technology and science, it’s based more on science than most science fiction. Even though it is mostly accurate, not all of the technology is based on science.

Given the technology we have now, many of the sci-fi concepts found in Star Trek aren’t totally unreasonable to imagine. For the most part, scientists agree that there could be more carbon-based life-forms (like us) in the universe. It’s plausible there could be alien life, given the abundance of carbon in the universe. We could create artificial gravity as we see in Star Trek, probably. However, scientists aren’t sure exactly how we would go about it. Even something as farfetched as the cloaking devices used in Star Trek has been developed for real, albeit on a tiny, utterly unrealistic level. However realistic, I wouldn’t expect any of this technology to manifest any time soon.

Sci-Fi Movies are Great, But These Films Used the Worst Technology
The genre has a strong fan base. Shutterstock.

Sci-Fi Is the Favorite Genre of All Time — Minus The Senseless Technology

There is no doubt in asserting that sci-fi movies are by far one of the best movies that are made. People of all ages are equally gaga over the concept of science fiction. Whether it is the intriguing concept or the innovative technology used in it, science fiction never fails to entertain and kindle the audience’s curiosity. Even the experts think sci-fi is the most critical genre, according to an article from Wired magazine. The genre helps shape public understanding of technology before it happens, giving society some time to reflect on whether it’s a good, bad, or just plain idiotic idea.

Science fiction movies touch on some real science concepts by adding a tinge of drama to entertainment. Nevertheless, some films make the scientific theory seem dumb. Though we tend to believe in them as they have a lifelike feel, some thoughts are stupid. It is not shaming the sci-fi movies to introduce these concepts, but it is necessary to put light into them to note such impossible ideas that are hard to believe. Sorry, but we are probably not ever going to travel through space at light-speed or travel through time. According to the laws of physics, as we know them, it’s just impossible.

Sci-Fi Movies are Great, But These Films Used the Worst Technology
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Sci-Fi Is Here to Stay

The above mentioned were a few science technologies used in sci-fi that make no sense of it. There is no doubt that they provide one of a kind viewing experience, and we do not question the technology when we watch as we are so amazed by the rich visual experience. We often don’t even notice unrealistic technology, even for the future. That is, if you are not paying enough attention because the movie concept is excellent. A phone implanted into your hand? Sure, neat; that seems reasonable until you think about it a little bit more.

After the movie, we come to think of it as the dumbest thing to have watched. Some of those science concepts were busted above. The reasons provided are so evident that it can question the movie makers for providing such stupid information to the audience. However, as it is said, “science fiction,” we cannot believe everything we see on the screen. Even though we know that some of the things we see in sci-fi aren’t real or are even silly, it’s safe to say the genre is widely beloved. Sci-fi isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Sci-Fi Movies are Great, But These Films Used the Worst Technology
Sometimes, it helps not to take it all too seriously. Shutterstock.

Don’t Take the Technology Too Seriously

Science fiction is not meant for you to dig in deep and find meaning behind every concept it introduces. These movies are meant for sheer entertainment that is quite different from other movie genres. The only difference between sci-fi and other movie genres is simply the out of the box concepts it brings in. While it is true that sci-fi has predicted many of the technologies we use today, like cell phones, self-driving cars, and video chatting, it’s probably a good thing that a lot of the wild technology we see in sci-fi does not exist in the real world.

These movies’ stories and ideas are beyond our imagination, and that’s the major takeaways of these movies. Enjoy the sci-fi flick for unwavering entertainment rather than digging deep into its concept and finding it dumb at the end. It would be so heartbreaking to understand that the sci-fi movie that you enjoyed after a long time was utterly senseless. Some of the technologies we see in sci-fi movies would be downright bad ideas. Seriously, flying cars? The risk alone would be enough to skyrocket everyone’s insurance premiums. No thanks. It is one technology that will probably stay a fantasy.