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Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Loch Ness Monster in a lake. Photo Credit: OSORIOartist/Shutterstock

7. Loch Ness Monster

  • Scottish Mythology

The Loch Ness Monster has been said to be living in the waters of Scotland for hundreds of years. Top monsters like this have taken on a rich heritage that connects them with their location. We talk of Nessie and Scotland in the same sentence, so why would the Scots ever want to stop talking about the monster? The story of Nessie originates from Adomnán’s Life of St. Columba. He writes that he came across men as they buried a man near the River Ness.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Plesiosaurs, The Inspiration Behind The Loch Ness Monster. Photo Credit: Catmando/Shutterstock

When he asks what happened, they claimed a “water beast” mauled him and dragged him underwater. Columba sent a man to swim across the river to test this, and the beast came up to him. It stopped when Columba said, “go no further.” People bought into the story about the monster because Columba was a major name in the world of Christianity. He is credited with spreading the gospel heavily across Europe during the Hiberno-Scottish Mission. Why would a man of God lie, right? Why indeed…

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Alien Xenomorph with alien egg. Photo Credit: Claudio Caridi/Shutterstock

6. The Xenomorphs

  • Fictional: Alien Franchise

The Xenomorphs are a powerful endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species. Yet unlike other alien species in fiction, this species does not have a world to itself or even a major culture. They are not technically sound, so they lack a lot of the major technology other alien species possess too. The Xenomorph species is primal and predatory with only one goal in mind. To self-preserve the lives of their species and eliminate all other lifeforms on the planet they wish to call home.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Alien Xenomorph. Photo Credit: Claudio Caridi/Shutterstock

Our bad luck in all of this is that these top monsters chose Earth as their new home. They see us as a threat and we must die as a result of this fear. Potentially the biggest nightmares we’ve had in life is how the species creates new life. The eggs are put inside humans through forced implantation, once they are ready to come out, they hatch and break-through human chests. Then mature from a child into an adult within a few hours.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Artist Rendering Of Possible Levithan look. Photo Credit: Daniel Eskridge/Shutterstock

5. Moby Dick

  • Fictional: Moby-Dick; or, The Whale

The author of the story known as Moby Dick; or, The Whale, Herman Melville, actually patterned his story after a real event that was claimed to have happened to a crew of men. Few believed their sea tale, but after Moby Dick was published, intrigue began to set in making people wonder if this had some truth to it in some way. There was a whale in history that you could look to as a possible Moby Dick.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Livyatan is a giant prehistoric sperm whale. Photo Credit: Herschel Hoffmeyer/Shutterstock

It’s called the Livyatan Melvillei, this species of whale lived around 12 to 13 million years ago. It was the size of a modern sperm whale that ate other whales and anything else they felt like. Modern sperm whales use suction in the water to grab food. Yet the Livyatan Melvillei operated like Orcas, using their teeth to bite into and tear their prey apart. That novel was certainly not completely a fictional tale if the story it was based on involved a whale, like Livyatan Melvillei.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Giant cyclops stealing a prize blue ribbon pig running towards a farmer firing a shotgun. Photo Credit: DomCritelli/Shutterstock

4. Cyclops

  • Multiple Mythologies

It seems that every major mythology has some version of the Cyclops. The biggest stories they are connected to are Theogony by Hesiod as well as The Odyssey by Homer. In the former, there is a group of Cyclops creatures known as Brontes, Steropes, and Arges. They actually made Zeus’ thunderbolt. Meanwhile, in Homer’s story, the creatures are uncivilized shepherds. They are encountered by Odysseus on his travels.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Odisseus fighting the Cyclops. Photo Credit: Delcarmat/Shutterstock

Of course, the other most notable use has to be the Cyclopean Walls of Mycenae and Tiryns. Cyclops are usually referenced as One-Eyed beings that are generally large. Most use several grunts as their language. They were basically large Great Apes. Regardless of where or how they are used, they tend to be gigantic with extreme power. However, they are usually solitary and only go into normal civilizations in rare instances. If you make them angry, especially by invading their home, they are top monsters who will rip you in two.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
A wolf predator. Photo Credit: Alex Kay Visuals/Shutterstock

3. The Predator

  • Fictional: Predator Franchise

It might be getting old to read about alien humanoids, but we all know The Predator belongs on this list. We first see The Predator in rare instances in the original Predator film. All we know is that it is using some type of cloaking technology and has advanced thermal imaging that can track humans with ease. The creature is seemingly a sportsman first and a cold-blooded killer second. It does not want to kill an unarmed person because there’s no sport in that.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Predator face close-up. Photo Credit: HI_Pictures/Shutterstock

This is why it might spare the lives of humans that are injured, out of bullets, or unarmed entirely. Exclusively, they are about the hunt and that means taking out several Armed Forces members. While it will use weapons, the Predator also does not mind a hand-to-hand combat opportunity. The Predator rarely loses, even when it does. Due to the massive destruction it causes, we feel the alien known as The Predator deserves to be ranked highly among the top monsters in history.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Giant King Kong on the Empire State Building. Photo Credit: meunierd/Shutterstock

2. King Kong

  • Fictional: King Kong Franchise

You could state that King Kong is nothing more than a great ape with an overactive pituitary gland but this giant gorilla is much more than that. Kong first appeared in movie form back in 1933 and has since been dubbed “the Eighth Wonder of the World” by many. The creature is supposedly a prehistoric ape and not a regular ape that we might see elsewhere. In fact, it even connects somewhat to humans as it will often move around in a humanoid fashion, especially in its upright walking pattern.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
King Kong statue. Photo Credit: WIRACHAIPHOTO/Shutterstock

Kong possesses semi-human intelligence with major physical strength. The size of Kong often differs from original movies due to the way sets had to be built as well as how Kong himself had to be constructed. Today, we can use CGI but back then it was all model work. This is why he has been between 40 to 70 feet in films. The most recent films have him at over 100 feet tall, however. Kong is the last of his species, we assume. He is territorial of his home, yet he does connect with some humans and allows them near. Kong is the King of Skull Island, and you best not anger the King, feeble humans.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Godzilla in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Phoenix Pixels/Shutterstock

1. Godzilla

  • Fictional: Godzilla Franchise

What is a King to a God, right? Of course, like other Japanese monsters, Godzilla had a rocky start to his initial existence due to the lack of CGI for most of the early films. However, the origin of the character has largely remained the same. Godzilla is a prehistoric sea monster that was somehow awakened and even empowered by nuclear radiation. This was a genius idea by his Japanese creators because Godzilla first appeared in the 1950s.

Ranking The Top Monsters From Myth and Fiction
Godzilla as portrayed by Haruo Nakajima via suitmation in Godzilla. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Yet just a decade prior, Japan was bombed by the United States in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Therefore, a creature that came out of that was awesome. While Godzilla was initially a villain, portrayed as an out-of-control monster, he’d eventually be used as an anti-hero. One that saves humans and defends them from the other monsters, some of which the world has not seen, at least yet. When you have a list of top monsters, it is not complete without the King of the Monsters for sure.