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Popular Playstation Games and DLCs Releasing in 2021
[Image via Guerilla Games]

Horizon Forbidden West

  • Developer: Guerilla Games
  • Release Date: Late 2021

When Horizon: Zero Dawn came out in 2017, no one really expected it to hit as hard as it did. We should have known better, as Guerilla Games already showed us their skills with the Killzone titles. Horizon quickly became a major favorite, and still ranks as one of the most popular Playstation games to play. Now the sequel to this game is coming, called Horizon Forbidden West. In this game, the impressive Aloy is back. The young huntress of the Nora Tribe will be sent on a major quest.

She will have to tackle the arcane frontier known as “the Forbidden West” to track down the source of a mysterious plague that has been killing all it has infected. Her journey will be difficult as she travels hostile regions with very dangerous enemies, deadly machines, and horrific storms. The ecosystem for the game will be expanded upon even more, as we will see lush valleys, snowy mountains, tropical beaches, and more. Plus, you’ll see ruined cities above ground and below the water!