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Ordinary Things Scientists Somehow Still Can’t Explain

Solitary Humpback Whales To Super Social Creatures

The shift in humpback whale behavior has baffled scientists. They’ve gone from solitary creatures to living in “super-groups.” The change is strange, and biologists are studying their behavior day in and day out to try and figure out why. Usually, humpback whales are solitary creatures. They only stay in large groups when they are migrating or mating. But only recently have they begun to feed in packs of 20 to 200 around the entire planet, most notably in 2011, 2014, and 2015. These whales typically feed in Antarctica, but now they’re finding them thousands of miles away near South Africa. Scientists cannot figure out why they’ve changed, but they assume it’s because of the rise in the population of humpbacks, and they’re going back to their typical behavior before human interference (All That’s Interesting).