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Whether you’re a fervent believer or a skeptic, you’ve probably read a horoscope or two in your lifetime. Are you a fiery Leo, or a laid-back Libra? Astrology isn’t just horoscopes in the back of a magazine you read in the grocery store’s check-out line, though many of us may immediately think of that when we hear the word. It is the belief that the positions of the stars and the movements of the planets within the solar system can affect our lives and behaviors. Astrologers look at planets’ positions to understand a person’s character or even foresee certain events. 

Some may confuse astrology and astronomy, though the two are very different. If you are curious enough to delve into the deep, mystic world of astrology on your own, we have some items that may help you lift the veil into the world beyond. Check out these out-of-this-world astrology products that are available online. 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Feel like you’re floating in space – minus the freezing – with this warm blanket. Credit: Amazon

Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Not only does this blanket glow in the dark like every childhood fantasy we’ve ever had, but it has a constellation design. It’s every kid’s dream on a blanket. The constellations are even labeled, so you can also treat it as an educational tool. You needed this to learn the constellations because how else would you become a master of astrology? You work hard at memorizing constellations, then take a quick nap right under the lesson plan. So much bang for your buck!

Get your very own glow in the dark blanket here for $23.  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Maybe your perfect drink is written in the stars! Credit: Amazon

The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes for Every Sign 

Think about the perfect bartender in every movie. They always size up the protagonist and manage to get their drink just right, even without knowing a single thing about them. This book may not teach you how to do precisely that, but it will get you close. It would still be a pretty darn cool trick if you could nail someone’s drink choice just by knowing their zodiac sign, right? “Oh, you’re a Libra? Here’s a French 75.” And then casually stride away. * Chef’s kiss* 

The book covers the fascinating history of astrology and the twelve zodiac signs before moving you right along into the world of mixology and teaching you how to make the perfect drink, no matter what your rising planet is. 

Get it here for just $13!

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Forget one birthstone, get a collection of stones! Credit: Amazon

Rock Paradise Horoscope Stone Box Set

This horoscope set may be tiny, but the impact isn’t always about size. Each set comes with a card with detailed descriptions of the six stones and their qualities. Each zodiac has a different set of stones to suit their characteristics and bring the best energy, fortune, and vibes to the individual. You can dedicate your stones with specific intentions and take them with you wherever you go. The set even includes cleansing instructions for the crystals, so you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to take the best possible care of your collection.

Get your set of zodiac crystals here for $28! 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
It was a hit in 1982, and the new edition is still a hit today! Credit: Amazon

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk 

This edition of The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need is, well, the only astrology book you’ll ever need, especially as a beginner. It’s full of updated advice on Sun signs, Moon signs, planet placements, sign compatibility, health, money, romance, and lifestyles. It even looks into the emotional needs of the reader and their motivations, plus a chapter on the history and mythology of astrology and new developments in astronomy (which we’ll repeat: they are not the same!). Reviews mentioned how easy it was to follow and how well-written it was, so if you’re interested in getting into the world of astrology, you’d better jump on this. 

Get your astrology primer here for under $16! 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Draw inspiration from your space by adding character to your walls! Credit: Amazon

Mystical Occult Upcycled Dictionary Home Decor Set

These shabby-chic 8×10 prints are a great addition to any room you plan on practicing astrology. The center print focuses on astrology, with its depiction of the Zodiac signs and the Sun in the center. In contrast, the two remaining prints of Phrenology and Palmistry add a friendly little reminder that everything is connected in the world, and nothing stands on its own. The set is unframed, but they fit a standard frame, so match it with your decor or make the prints stand out – you decide!

Get all three prints for just $18!

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Make your home essence the way the universe intended it to smell. Credit: Whiskey River Soap Co.

Whiskey River Soap Co. 13oz Astrology Candle

Whiskey River Soap Co’s candles are deceptively simple at first glance, but they’re worth a second look. With intense little scents like “Bergamot Boss” and “Vindictive Violets,” how can you resist these candles? They don’t only sound punny; they smell lovely too. Each candle has a description of the namesake Zodiac: Capricorn is “the boss of everyone,” Sagittarius is “a disappearing act,” and Gemini is a “split personality.” This product is a great gift, but it’s also an excellent treat for yourself. You won’t want this candle’s light ever to go out.

Get your very own here for just $16!

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
A candle that’s cute smells good, and tells you about your Zodiac sign? Sign us up! Credit: Amazon

Ryan Porter Jar Candles 

Fan the flames of your psychic energy with different spice blends to reconnect you with mother earth. Each Zodiac sign has its unique combination, but there’s more! Cue ‘As Seen on TV’ voice: Your candle will come with a sassy, tell-it-like-it-is description of your sign. The lovely colors, scents, and specifications make these a great addition to your at-home astrology session, or maybe even a gift for your best friend. Reuse the glass holder for whatever you want! 

Grab your own sign story right here for $30. 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
The two beliefs are different but have similar elements. Credit: Amazon

Tarot Astrology Enhance Readings Wisdom

Both Astrology and Tarot both center their belief on Sun, Water, Earth, and Fire. While Astrology focuses on the Zodiac signs, Tarot consults the Arcana. This book will help us understand the link between the two beliefs further and combine their practice to enrich your life. You’ll learn how the cards in the tarot deck relate to astrology, how to read them and interpret an astrological chart, recognize the twelve houses’ ruling signs, pair the planets, signs, and houses with their corresponding tarot cards, and so much more. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to give insightful readings for yourself and others.

Get your copy and start doing readings here for just $15!

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
In astrology, the moon governs your emotions, so this is a handy chart to figure out what lies ahead! Credit: Amazon

Moon Phases Meanings Witchery Poster

There’s so much more to an astrological birth chart than the Sun sign. The Moon sign can tell you just as much about your personality, emotions, comfort zone, maternal side, and how you express your feelings and vulnerability. The poster comes in four different sizes to fit your room best, so choose wisely!

Pick your size here. Prices range from $20 – $28.  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Scorpio from the Black Moon deck is just one of the beautifully illustrated cards from William Blake. Credit: Amazon

Black Moon Astrology Cards 

These Black Moon Astrology Cards give you access to the wisdom of the night skies. Each card comes with a divinatory meaning, keyword explanation, and tarot correspondence, making it easy for everyone to read. The set includes 52 cards and a book containing an introduction to astrology and six spreads. The cards are quite large – all the better to the celestial bodies with, right?

You can get your own set of cards here for $21.  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
By understanding the moon’s phases, we can use them to enrich every aspect of our lives. Credit: Amazon

Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles

This book can help you understand how to connect with the moon to change your life for the better. You’ll learn how to perform powerful rituals for each lunar phase. If you have no earthly (haha, get it?) idea how to figure out where the moon is in a cycle, never fear! The book has info on that as well. You’ll also get affirmations, visualizations, and chants for each lunar phase. Though this material may seem overwhelming, the book manages to organize it logically. The information is mostly geared for beginners to keep track of lunar phases, so keep that in mind!

You can get your copy of Moonology right here for $12!  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Take a look at the big picture by logging all the astrological elements, zodiac signs, planetary positions, and the information they reveal. Credit: Amazon

Astrology Natal Chart Notebook

Keep a log of all the astrological information you need in one place. You’ll be able to compare different Zodiac signs, their energies, and their personalities. The notebook is interestingly divided into separate left and right pages: the left pages have blank natal charts, while the right pages have space for planets in the signs, houses, houses in the signs, and aspects. 

This natal notebook is an excellent tool for astrologists as they gain more experience in the field.

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Need a cheat sheet for Vedic Astrology? This product has you covered. Credit: Amazon

Vedic Astrology Chart, Overview and Explanations, Print

This nifty 8×10 print has a detailed description of Vedic astrology. It contains an overview of sun sign qualities, the 12 Houses, valuable gemstones, planets, aspects, astrological love compatibility, affected bodily organs, and more.

Grab your own print here for $12.  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Choose between 16 colors, five working modes, and five levels of brightness! Credit: Amazon

Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp

This lamp comes in different colors, brightness levels, and light modes, you can also choose different sizes! The remote controls everything from the dimmer to the light display modes, but you can also control the lamp by tap control! Get up to 15 hours of light time after a full charge. The 3D printing makes a perfect copy of NASA’s satellite images, and you’ll get a wooden stand to display your little slice of space proudly.

Pick up your own moon here

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Maybe astrology is the only way to understand cats and their motivations. Credit: Amazon

Cat Zodiac: An Astrological Guide to the Feline Mystique

Whether you’ve just adopted a cat or you’ve been a life-long cat owner, their behaviors may not always be so easy to understand. This zodiac book explores the life of cats, exploring each sun sign and offering traits, insights, and relationship advice to help cat owners and cats live in harmony. Since it is filled with cute illustrations, the book might give you some answers to questions you’ve always asked before.

Get your kitten-demystifyer here for $15! 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
These pencils will tell you the truth about yourself – and you can take a selfie for the world to see it! Credit: Amazon

Whiskey River Astrology Pencil Set

Do you want super cute pencils with accurate descriptions of your sign? One pencil will come with backward writing, but don’t fret! It’s done on purpose so that it could be used as a selfie pencil. Do it for the ‘gram! The pencils are secured with a sticky resin, but it won’t damage the pencils; just pull them apart, sharpen, and use! Maybe use them on that blank natal chart notebook we mentioned earlier, huh?

Grab your sign’s set here for $13.  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Smell like the planets intended you to . Credit: Amazon

Whiskey River Soap Co. – Astrology 6 Ounce Bar Soap

Smelling good always boosts your confidence. Are you smelling like your very own signature sign? That’s entirely otherworldly (get it?). What better way to receive celestial signals than to have a fragrance like the heavens? These soap bars come in gorgeous colors like vivid blues, bright oranges, bubblegum pinks, and fantastic smell!

Reserve a bubbly bar (or two or three) here for $15 each. 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Spend the money and get some back! Credit: Amazon

2 Pack Zodiac Mystery Bath Bombs

Each pack of bath bombs has a different scent to boost your bath experience, like dark cherry, coconut, strawberries, or peaches, just to name a few. These bath bombs can contain anywhere from $2 – $2500 in cash! All the products in this set are cruelty-free, vegan, and handmade in the USA. 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
The zodiac can tell you the best way to take you time! Credit: Amazon

Little Book of Self-Care

Relaxation time could be extra-cosmically powered with this book. Each sign has its own version to help you figure out how vital astrology is to your self-care. Determine your ruling element and find the best choices for your “me” time activities. 

Find the best ways to heal your mind, body, and soul with your copy here!  

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
This awesome product is so comfortable that you will never want to take them off! Credit: Amazon

Women’s Horiscope Sign Novelty Crew Socks

Whether you need to draw inspiration for a vital reading or make a fashion statement, these socks will give you the boost of power you need. They’re comfortable and cute with three descriptive words for each sign on the bottom!

Get your pair of fashionable socks here for just $8.

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Add some starry sparkle to your home! Credit: Amazon

Glazed Ceramic Jewelry Tray with Astrological Constellation

The stars always shine bright, and now you can have a little piece of that at home with a jewelry holder. It protects your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings with a holder accented in gold constellations. It comes in an adorable gift box, so whether it’s for you or someone else, it’ll feel just a little more special when you’re opening it up.

Pick up your zodiac sign here for $12! 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
What music would the zodiac signs play? Credit: Amazon

Vintage Music Box with 12 Constellations

Apparently, the zodiac signs would play ‘Castle in the Sky,’ once you’ve wound it up. Each of the 12 signs is represented on the music box’s exterior, in addition to classic constellation patterns and symbols on the interior and exterior of the box. Colorful LED lights will accompany the music, and the goddess statue will dance too.

You can order your own right here for $44.

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Why use a boring mug when you can have a gorgeous zodiac mug? Credit: Amazon

Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

If you’re more of a hot beverage lover than a cocktail kind of person, this set is for you. It comes with a golden tea infuser and a spoon to mix in whatever your palette needs. The ceramic porcelain mug is 13.5 oz and comes in all 12 zodiac constellations!

Amp up your kitchen cabinet contents here! 

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Why let your delicious beverage get cold? Use the lid that comes with this set to keep it nice and warm. Credit: Amazon

Porcelain Creative Black Constellation Mug

Check out this fancy mug, spoon, and coaster set. The colors are simply amazing, and the material is durable. This set comes with a stainless steel spoon and porcelain handle, a silicone coaster, a lid, and the mug itself. It’s a 15-ounce mug, so there’s plenty of room for lots of tasty liquids! Everyone will adore your mug in the science office.

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
These small-batch loose leaf teas are a delicious blend based on each sign! Credit: Amazon

Par Avion Tea Zodiac Signs

It’s the perfect gift for tea lovers, and it’s blended specifically to their astrological signs. With flavors like orange blossom oolong, lemon and mint yerba mate, lucky dragon green tea, and rose chai, plus the beautiful pastel containers, it’s a lovely buy for anyone. 

Get your own sign’s blend here

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Spruce up your room with a gorgeous wall tapestry! Credit: Amazon

Jaipur Handloom Black and White Zodiac Tapestry

Use this tapestry as a wall hanging, a tablecloth, a lightweight blanket, or any other home decor. It’s 100% cotton and printed in the traditional Indian method with incredibly bright, vivid colors. There are three different size options, so make sure you have a plan before you buy – especially you Geminis out there!

Once you’ve decided on a size, you can buy yours here

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but other jewelry pieces don’t exactly make bad buddies. Credit: Amazon

Simple Rose Gold Zodiac Sign Cuff Bracelet with Birthstone

This cuff bracelet is made of stainless steel, is rust-proof, and won’t change color or tarnish. It comes in a cute little black velvet gift bag, and each sign’s bracelet comes with a lovely cubic zirconia as well. The bracelet is adjustable to different sizes, so one size fits all! Get yours – and gift a few to your friends – from here

Online Products All At-Home Astrologers Will Adore
Maybe use this for all the great book and journal recommendations on this list! Credit: Amazon

Zodiac Sign Artwork and Positive Personality Traits Engraved Wood Bookmark with Inlays and Tassel

These bookmarks are handmade from the best sustainable hardwood materials. Beautiful natural grain cherry wood in the center with a combination of different woods along the border and the laser engraving of the Cancer symbol and characteristics, make this a simple but elegant bookmark. A tassel is added at the top for easy access. Get your sign’s bookmark here for under $20!  

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