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Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Ironman DVDs. Photo Credit: Stefano Chiacchiarini/Shutterstock

Digital Optic Disc (DVD)

  • Period of Use: Early 2000s to Present (DVDs are still in use, just not nearly as much)
  • Made Obsolete By: BlueRays, Streaming Services

While DVDs are still in use today, they are not nearly as common as they used to be. In the early 2000s, they came along and replaced the VHS and VCR. They could be enhanced heavily whereas VHS had pretty much reached its limit. Discs could offer a better image, bringing true high-definition video. This was a huge change, making many decide to go toward these discs. On top of all of this, they took up less space than VHS. With all that was going right for them, what happened?

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
DVD Player. Photo Credit: Goory/Shutterstock

Why are DVDs now a part of the realm of obsolete tech products? Simple, the invention of BlueRay. While BlueRay did not completely replace DVDs, they were able to make the video far better. Just as DVDs did with VHS, BlueRay did to DVDs. They came along and did the job better. Moreover, other newer things replaced DVDs such as streaming services. This could allow you to buy online, putting your purchased film on various services (like Vudu), removing the need for a disc at all.

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Floppy Disks. Photo Credit: Aaekung/Shutterstock

Floppy Disks

  • Period of Use: 1960s to Early 2000s
  • Made Obsolete By: Compact Discs (CDs)

Floppy Disks were incredibly useful for early computers. While a version of these discs was used in some of the earlier computer models, the one we came to know was used for personal computers. How would you get new software or games on your computer? A floppy disk of course. They were also used as storage for numerous files you might have a need to save as well. They were invented by IBM and were incredibly useful for personal computers for a long time.

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Computer using floppy disc. Photo Credit: Angelo Damico/Shutterstock

Funny enough, these disks were not exactly floppy at all. However, they could appear that way if you shook them. What caused them to go extinct and join obsolete tech products on this list? Better technology. Compact Discs were more capable of handling the needs of the time. They stored more memory and offered a faster, more effective product. Video Games began to even use them to put massive files on too. Ultimately, the CD killed Floppy Disks.

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
The Electric Light Bulb. Photo Credit: STUDIOMAX/Shutterstock

Incandescent Light Bulbs

  • Period of Use: Late 1800s to 2000s
  • Made Obsolete By: Fluorescent Light Bulbs, LEDs

Thomas Edison is the man responsible for the Incandescent Light Bulb. They were incredibly useful and gave us our initial rise in electricity. These bulbs were truly THE bulb to use for many years. We’d later find that they were not exactly the best thing for our homes or the environment. That led to the idea that we should try to improve upon them, which happened with fluorescent lamps, cold cathode lamps, and even LEDs.

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Retro Lightbulbs. Photo Credit: TWStock/Shutterstock

Incandescent light bulbs can technically still be found, but most places have no need to sell them any longer. The newer bulbs work better and longer, even offering more light. On top of this, some countries ordered a mandatory phase-out of incandescent light bulbs. Now, these bulbs are essentially obsolete tech products we have no need for. When there’s something better and comes at a similar or lower cost, how could we not blame places for getting rid of the incandescent model?

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Typewriter. Photo Credit: Vetkit/Shutterstock


  • Period of Use: 1870s to 1990s
  • Made Obsolete By: Personal Computers/Laptops

The Typewriter was initially looked at as one of the best inventions in history. This was a great way for people to avoid having to be great hand writers, and effectively put together documents that looked great. It could also be copied far better than normal hand-written documents. Moreover, they looked more professional too. Your average writer or media member likely wrote on a typewriter every single day.

Obsolete Tech Products The World Has Already Forgotten
Hands writing on an old typewriter. Photo Credit: Mpaniti/Shutterstock

What ended up killing the typewriter, thus putting it among the obsolete tech products on this list? We’ll give you one guess… computers, it was computers. You took too long. Of course, we’re mostly referencing personal computers that could be used at home or in office buildings. Typewriters simply could not compete. For years, they were great investments for people to make and entire businesses were based around them. Yet they dropped out.