New CGI Technology Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

By Trista
New CGI Technology Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

You have a favorite historical figure, such as St. Nicholas or King Tutankhamun, that you want to know what they really looked like. It’s easy to go back and look at portraits of historical figures from the last couple of centuries, but taking a look further back than that is a little more challenging.

Thankfully, we now have digital face reconstruction technology that can give us a sense of their real faces. What is more interesting is that they look like real people! This does mean that some of your favorite historical figures might look a little different than what you imagined – or even what their bust statues show, but the technology is spot on. 

Before CGI, several people depicted Jesus in various ways. Belief Net.

Jesus Christ Is Traditionally Known As Caucasian With Long Hair But CGI Says Different

Jesus lived from circa 4 B.C. until C. A.D. 30 or 33. Referred to Christian believes as the son of God, Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth, people know the story of how Jesus came to this world and how he left. 

They know that he is the reason God forgives their sins, but what people don’t know, or didn’t before the technology of CGI, is how Jesus really looked. Typically portrayed by believers of the Christian faith as a white male and given long flowing brown hair, CGI decided to show that Jesus seemed utterly different from common belief.