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You have a favorite historical figure, such as St. Nicholas or King Tutankhamun, that you want to know what they looked like. It’s easy to go back and look at portraits of historical figures from the last couple of centuries, but taking a look further back than that is a little more challenging.

Thankfully, we now have digital face reconstruction technology that can give us a sense of their real faces from Cleopatra to Emily Dickinson. What is more interesting is that they look like real people! That does mean that some of your favorite historical figures might appear a little different than what you imagined – or even what their bust statues show, but the technology is spot on to what they would look like.

Before we get to what the first person in history would look like using CGI (Jesus of Nazareth), keep reading to learn how they came up with these accurate images. That is, we feel it is essential you understand CGI before just getting to the shocking images.

New CGI Technology Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like
If you haven’t heard of CGI before, it is time to learn more about technological advancements. Shutterstock

50. CGI stands for computer-generated imagery.

The particular type of technology that is revolutionizing graphics is CGI or computer-generated imagery. CGI has been around for pretty much as long as computers have been able to create images, and it has been used to create special effects in movies for decades.

The technology has progressed substantially in recent years, thanks to rapid developments in computing. Images can be manipulated in ways that your parents would have never dreamed of, and the effects are rather striking. To get an idea of how much technology has come, compare the special effects of black-and-white movies from the 1950s to today’s blockbusters.

New CGI Technology Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like