Jellyfish Snot Can Sting a Human Without Even Touching Skin

By Trista
Jellyfish Snot Can Sting a Human Without Even Touching Skin

Jellyfish are some of the most magical creatures on the planet, and some of the most deadly. If you look at them swimming around inside an aquarium tank, you may wish that you could reach out and touch one. Their thin, transparent skin and long tentacles are elegant as they flow through the water. Some types of jellyfish light up, putting on a light show for those who are watching.

However, they are also very, very dangerous. One type of jellyfish that is native to Australia is the size of a thumbnail yet has a toxin in its tentacles that is strong enough to kill a person. Moreover, the box jellyfish kills around 100 people around the world every year, making jellyfish responsible for more fatalities annually than sharks.

Some stuff about jellyfish falls into the category of being downright weird. They are actually a giant form of plankton and the oldest multicellular organisms on the planet. One type of jellyfish can revert from a mature, adult state back to an infant polyp state. Furthermore, a different kind of jellyfish emits a mucous that contains stinging cells.

That’s right, one type of jellyfish sneezes, and its snot can sting you. There are plenty more fascinating and strange facts about these creatures that seem to belong to the realm of mythology more than real life. However, they are real, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. They have been around for over 650 million years and are proliferating rapidly while other marine creatures are dying out! 

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