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The Fastest Animals on the Planet Today
[Image via Luke Shelley/Shutterstock.com]

Red Kangaroo

  • Speed: Around 35 MPH

Kangaroos are quite powerful creatures. They are capable of kicking human beings so hard that we could go flying if they truly wanted to harm us. Of course, Kangaroos do not tend to be violent toward humans unless they feel threatened. The infamous boxing kangaroos always attacked humans because they were being attacked too. This is not a common feature. While every kangaroo species can move around pretty fast, the Red Kangaroo is the fastest. This is the largest of the Kangaroo species, and also the largest terrestrial mammal in Australia.

The Fastest Animals on the Planet Today
[Image via Artem Avetisyan/Shutterstock.com]
Like all kangaroos, the legs of the Red Kangaroo species are incredibly powerful. They are capable of hoping around the Australian Outback pretty fast, which can be a must. A lot of deadly creatures live in Australia, so being able to move at high speeds is incredibly useful. Red Kangaroos have been known to hop around at a speed of roughly 35 mph. However, it is possible that they can reach up to 40 mph if they really pushed themselves to do so. Especially if it is a young, powerful Red Kangaroo.

The Fastest Animals on the Planet Today