Neanderthal Myths Debunked

Many believe that Neanderthals used simple tools. Pixabay

Myth: Neanderthal Tools Were Simple

More than a decade ago, archaeologists believed that the Neanderthals used straightforward tools like sharpened stones. In the past decade, that myth has been debunked. In the Middle Rhone Valley in France, researchers discovered Levallois flakes, which are a part of Neanderthal stone tool technology. 

They also found twisted fiber strands that could have been used as cordage. Another item found in France was six lithic points that could potentially be related to projectile technology. This tech is most commonly associated with the earliest modern humans. A Dutch study found that the Neanderthals passed on some of their tool-making skills to humans. They discovered 50,000-year-old tools made from deer bones. Leather workers still use these types of tools in modern times.