31 Animal Species that Take Survival to the Next Level

By Trista
31 Animal Species that Take Survival to the Next Level

Young animals are always cute to look at no matter the species. You wouldn’t think that they would have a lot of hate in their heart or the thought of murder in their minds, but Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes.

Even at such a young age, some types of animals have to take every chance they can get to ensure that they’re the one who comes out on top. Most of the time, that means taking out the competition — survival of the fittest! Here are a few animal offspring that will take the lives of other animals to ensure their own survival.


Credit: Pixabay

1. Golden Eaglets Have Sibling Rivalry

A golden eagle’s nest is pretty big, but it’s not big enough for the two to three eaglets that dwell within. Eggs are usually laid a few days apart, so whichever eaglet hatches first is already going to have a head-start in the nest.

They will peck at and bully their younger siblings and often hog the food for themselves, leading to the younger eaglets not thriving as well. The parents don’t do anything to interfere; it’s just how the strong survive.