Javan rhinos are located in Indonesia and are considered a threatened species. Popular Mechanics

29. Although once on the brink of extinction, there are currently 60 Javan rhinos in a wildlife preserve.  

Javan rhinos are confined to the island of Java in Indonesia after hunting and deforestation forced them from the rest of southeast Asia. In addition to the hunting and deforestation, the Vietnam War also severely drove down the Javan rhino population as factors destroyed its once-thriving habitat. Today, only 60 Javan rhinos survive on a wildlife preserve at the tip of the island. Although we have made progress, there is still the risk of disease and inbreeding that can always be detrimental to this small population despite extensive efforts.

People have spotted a few other remaining populations off Java over the years; however, they are few and far between. The Javan rhino is not related to the five other rhino species, closely at least. The small size of the Javan rhino population is a cause for concern. The low genetic diversity and inbreeding can make it difficult for the long-term survival of the species.