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The Earth’s oceans are less explored than the vastness of space. We know what’s out there, but we don’t know the true depths of what lives in our oceans. But we’re about to reveal to you some of the mysteries that dwell beneath the surface. A few you may have heard of before, but many of these underwater animals have never been seen outside the realm of science. Get ready to gaze upon amazing sea creatures with superpower-like abilities. 


29 Sea Creatures with Superpower-Like Abilities
Tardigrades are some of the oldest creatures in existence. Shutterstock

Tardigrades Are The Ultimate Survivalists

If aliens came to visit Earth, they might see that humans have done the most to subdue the planet and build a civilization; nevertheless, tardigrades have been the most resilient creature in history. These microscopic sea creatures, also known as “water bears,” have inhabited just about every corner of the Earth at some point in history.

They have been around for about half a billion years, making them possibly the longest-lived of any organism that scientists have ever discovered. They are only about half a millimeter long, but under a microscope, they look like a hulking creature that you might expect to find in Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Star Wars

29 Sea Creatures with Superpower-Like Abilities