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In addition to reading and researching items in their fields, the most well-known scientists take the time to read books about every subject. A curious mind and thirst for knowledge are two traits that make each person a unique individual. Throughout the chaos of everyday life, people may find an excellent book to be a form of relaxation. It can also expand their understanding of a particular topic. There are paper books and also electronic formats. Some readers prefer holding a book in their hands and turning the pages. Others may be satisfied with downloading a new book to their tablet. 

Finding a book that is interesting, engaging, and fact-filled can be challenging. However, once you have found it, you’re not going to want to put it down. Scientists were asked to choose their favorite books. The topics covered a wide range from high fantasy to the legacy of autism. Some scientists prefer to dive into books that further expand their current knowledge. They like to read books containing new information unfamiliar to them. Other scientists, such as Jane Goodall, prefer to choose a fiction novel that dives into a different world for a little time. Whichever you prefer, many readers would argue that you can never have too many books. Read on to find out the top books that scientists recommended as must-reads for others.

25 Books Scientists Are Reading Right Now
Life Sciences, Information Sciences was developed from presentations given at the Cerisy SVSI conference and aimed to explain the dynamic of genes with our lives. Technology Networks

25. Life Sciences, Information Sciences explores the complex relation of life and information in the functioning of genes. 

This highly recommended book presents a general overview of the thought and research at the crossroads of life sciences and information sciences. The contributors explore life and information, both equally important. There are a few parts of the book. The first part of the book explores the relationship between life and the functioning of genes. This concept covers both the phylogenetic and ontogenetic levels. DNA can be tricky. In this piece of literature, the authors explained the understanding of DNA as code from a range of different perspectives. In the second part of the book, there is more information on how life and DNA contribute to individualization. Life Sciences, Information Sciences has research from a few perspectives, including philosophical and ethological. The four authors come from different backgrounds. Thierry Gaudin is an engineer while Dominique Lacroix is a web publisher. Marie-Christine Maurel is a professor, and Jean-Charles Pomerol is a specialist in decision support systems. Their varying backgrounds allow them to offer different perspectives to explain the relationships between information and life.

25 Books Scientists Are Reading Right Now