Dog With Man
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Common Dog

Man’s best friend has been by our side pretty much since the world can remember. The overall canine species drifted a bit in evolution, leading to the numerous dog type we see today. They eventually became good friends with mankind, making dogs feel like they needed to aid humans by instinct.

Photo Credit: Dog Town East Powell

On top of this, they realized that if they did as we asked, they’d be rewarded. As a result, dogs have been super easy to train compared to other animals. Mankind has utilized the species for centuries and still do to this day. They are used for pulling sleds, hunting, and gathering.

Photo Credit: Pet Place

However, they are also very well known for being protective and territorial. Dogs are among the most intelligent animals for several reasons. Likely the most obvious case of this is how they can handle pretty much anything thrown at them, adapt to it, learn it, and counter it. That’s genius-level stuff!