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While many things “extraterrestrial” seem to be secret, there’s one thing that isn’t a secret: over the last several decades, many people have come forward with their own experiences and footage. It’s as hard as ever to parse out the credible from the incredible. However, with multiple governments from around the world disclosing their own programs to better understand UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena-formerly “unidentified aerial phenomena”) the general public may be closer than ever to having their existential questions answered. Since 2017, a string of military personnel, with journalist’s assistance, have been able to disclose their experiences with less stigma. It’s time we all take a look at both recent and past events from the last eight decades with less incredulous eyes. Our governments certainly are.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Reagan and Gorbachev Agreed to End Cold War in the Event of an Alien Invasion

The conversation between President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev about jointly responding to an alien invasion was a remarkable testament to the importance of global cooperation and unity in the face of potential extraterrestrial threats. Recognizing the potential magnitude of such an event, both leaders displayed a forward-thinking perspective. They discussed the need to set aside political differences and work together to protect humanity. Their conversation reflected a profound understanding that the challenges presented by an alien invasion would transcend national boundaries and require a unified response. By fostering this dialogue, Reagan and Gorbachev demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision, emphasizing the significance of international collaboration for the collective well-being of mankind.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Contact in the Dessert

Nick Pope Worked with British Ministry of Defense and Their UAP Program

Nick Pope’s collaboration with the British government’s Ministry of Defense to study UAPs represents a significant step towards comprehensive investigation of UAPs. As a former employee at the UK’s Ministry of Defense, Pope brought his expertise to shed light on the nature of UAP encounters. His involvement demonstrated the government’s recognition of the need to address UAPs seriously and scientifically. By working closely with defense officials, Pope contributed to establishing protocols for reporting and analyzing UAP incidents, ensuring a methodical approach to data collection and assessment. His involvement in this important research endeavor has helped bridge the gap between the scientific community and government institutions. This has fostered a more informed and evidence-based understanding of UAP phenomena.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
NBC News

April 20th, 2021 UAP Sighting at Twentynine Palms by Military Personnel

Twentynine Palms is a city located in San Bernardino County, California near the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC). It serves as a training area for the United States Marine Corps, providing realistic combat scenarios and exercises for military personnel. On April 20th, 2021, multiple marines not only witnessed, but shot footage of, an unknown object in the sky. In the video, a person can be heard telling his fellow marines that “these are not illumination rounds”. While many debunkers have been quick to call these “only flares”, Camp Wilson shot off illumination rounds (flares used to illuminate an area) to try and detect what the craft was. You can clearly see in the video the difference between the illumination rounds and the craft itself. Those who were there told journalist Jeremy Corbell that as soon as they attempted to illuminate the craft, it “completely disappeared”.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso Wrote Extensively About His Experience with the Roswell Case

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, a retired United States Army officer, became a prominent figure in the field of UAP research. According to Corso, during his time in the military, he had direct involvement with recovered UAPs. He claimed that in the aftermath of the Roswell incident in 1947, he was tasked with reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology. This allegedly led to significant technological advancements such as integrated circuits, fiber optics, and more. While his claims have been met with skepticism and controversy, Corso’s assertions about his involvement in studying UAPs have fueled the ongoing debate regarding the government’s knowledge and interaction with extraterrestrial phenomena. His account has become an intriguing part of the lore. Corso’s story has contributed to the public’s curiosity about UAPs and their potential impact on human technology and progress.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

NASA UAP Hearing in 2023

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) held a public conference on May 31st, 2023 of “its independent study team on categorizing and evaluating data of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP)”. They held this conference one year after their formal investigation, which began in 2022. The team consisted of sixteen scientists and retired astronaut Scott Kelly. Unfortunately, the team agreed that their study had been hampered by a lack of data. While they found no definitive proof of extraterrestrial or non-human intelligences being responsible for this phenomena, the conference concluded with their agreed effort at collecting more data to know for sure. This is a far cry from decades prior when any scientist considering anomalous phenomena as legitimate was condemned.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Ex-Navy Pilot Ryan Graves and Fellow Pilots Saw Craft Almost “Daily”

Ryan Graves, a former U.S. Navy pilot, gained attention for his encounters with UAPs. In interviews, he’s stated that he and other pilots witnessed what looked like “dark grey or black cubes within spheres”. Graves was on the U.S. aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, that was responsible for now now infamous videos titled “GO FAST” and “FLIR”. He has been one of the biggest advocates for pushing Congress and the public at large to see UAPs as a national security threat, as well as a safety threat to pilots in airspace. Graves founded Americans for Safe Aerospace, where he directs people to reach out to Congress and increase pressure for disclosure.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

In the 90s, George Knapp went to the Soviet Union and Collected Classified Materials from their UAP Program

During the 1990s, the Soviet Union was in upheaval due to its collapse. It was trying desperately to downplay any known existence of anomalous crafts. George Knapp, a United States investigative journalist, was able to talk discreetly to Soviet scientists and military personnel directly involved in the Russian Ministry of Defense. It was here that Knapp uncovered one of the largest known studies of UAPs by a government agency ever reported to date. At great personal risk, Knapp was able to secure classified materials and bring them back home to the United States. The program involved crash retrieval, remote viewing, and reverse engineering. Scientists even told Knapp that they recovered leftover debris of crafts, dubbed “cosmic sperm”, that they theorized may have been some form of seeding.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Harvard University

Harvard Physicist Avi Loeb Begins the Galileo Project

Physicist Avi Loeb has made headlines with his groundbreaking initiative, the Galileo Project. Loeb, known for his expertise in astrophysics and cosmology, established the Galileo Project with the goal of advancing the scientific investigation of UAPs. His project seeks to employ state-of-the-art technology and scientific methodologies. All of this is in attempt to obtain high-quality data on UAPs and assess their potential extraterrestrial origins. With an emphasis on open science and collaboration, the Galileo Project aims to gather evidence, conduct rigorous research, and encourage scientific exploration of UAPs. Loeb’s bold and forward-thinking approach has sparked renewed interest in the scientific community, fostering a more serious and objective examination of UAP encounters. By applying rigorous scientific scrutiny, Loeb and the Galileo Project hope to unveil new insights about these phenomena, potentially revolutionizing our understanding of our place in the universe.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Bob Lazar, Whistleblower in 1989, Says he Worked on Alien Tech at Area 51

Bob Lazar is a controversial figure known for his claims of having worked on reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology. He claims this tech was located at a secretive facility known as S-4, near Area 51. According to Lazar, he was employed at S-4 in the late 1980s, where he allegedly encountered and studied nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin. He gained significant attention when he shared his experiences and assertions in interviews and public appearances. Lazar’s claims about Area 51 and the existence of advanced alien spacecraft have been met with both skepticism and fascination. While some dismiss his accounts as fabricated or exaggerated, others view him as a whistleblower. They claim he has provided insider information about classified government activities.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Los Angeles Times

Obama Acknowledged the Existence of UAPs

Former President Barack Obama has made several noteworthy comments regarding UAPs and extraterrestrials. In a June 2021 interview, he acknowledged the existence of UAP sightings that lack a clear explanation. He stated that some sightings cannot be readily dismissed or easily explained. Obama emphasized the need for a more rigorous and scientific approach to investigating these phenomena. He suggested that establishing a proper infrastructure for data collection and analysis would be crucial. However, while refraining from revealing classified information, he expressed his curiosity about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the importance of understanding these encounters. Both for national security reasons and for expanding humanity’s knowledge. Obama’s remarks have added to the growing recognition and discourse surrounding UAPs and extraterrestrial existence. This has contributed to the ongoing push for transparency and scientific exploration.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Sunday World

Pentagon Official David Grusch Claims We Have Fully Intact Craft and “Pilots”

On June 6th, 2023, a high level Pentagon official, who left his position in April of 2023, was interviewed for an article on the independent news site The Debrief. In the interview, Grusch revealed that due to his top clearance position at the Pentagon, he was made aware of trash retrieval programs that the United States had been covering up for decades. While he was not providing evidence, he insisted in the validity of his claims. Grusch stated that the United States is in possession of “quite a number” of “non-human” crafts. When pressed by an interviewer on air about whether pilots from those crashes had been retrieved, Grusch responded that there were in fact pilot bodies. The Inspector General of the intelligence community says that he is taking Grusch’s claims as both “urgent and credible”.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Infamous Skinwalker Ranch was Awarded Multiple Military Contracts to Investigate Anomalies

Skinwalker Ranch, located in Utah, has become synonymous with unexplained phenomena. The ranch gained widespread attention when billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow purchased it in the 1990s. Bigelow’s company, Bigelow Aerospace, had been awarded military contracts to investigate UAP-related incidents, and Skinwalker Ranch became a focal point for these investigations. Journalist George Knapp extensively covered the ranch’s mysteries and collaborated with Colm Kelleher, a biochemist, to write the book “Hunt for the Skinwalker.” The book delves into the bizarre occurrences witnessed by previous owners and researchers at the ranch, including sightings of unidentified creatures, UAPs, strange lights, and unexplainable phenomena.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Jim Marlin Claims he has an ET Sphere, Many Around the World Corroborate this Sphere Phenomena

Jim Marlin is known for launching the career of country music star Willie Nelson. He is now also known as the man who has possession of an “otherworldly” sphere. Marlin says, “I’ve seen it do some things I can’t explain.”. The sphere was found in New Mexico and is 50 pounds, solid, and magnetic. Jim Marlin is not the only one to claim anomalous spheres as non-human. The Betz sphere phenomena in the 1970s centered around a metallic sphere found by the Betz family on their Florida property. The mysterious object displayed peculiar characteristics, such as self-propulsion, strange sounds, and an apparent resistance to damage. Despite extensive media coverage and scientific examinations, the origin and purpose of the Betz sphere remained unresolved.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
60 Minutes

Lue Elizondo Went Public with Secret Military Programs Involving UAP Research

Lue Elizondo, is a former intelligence officer who played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) within the United States Department of Defense. As the former director of AATIP, Elizondo spearheaded efforts to investigate and analyze encounters with UAPs. He advocated for a more systematic and scientific approach to studying these incidents, and under his leadership, AATIP collected and analyzed a vast amount of data related to UAP encounters. Elizondo’s involvement and subsequent disclosures have contributed to the public’s awareness and understanding of the UAP phenomenon, sparking conversations about the potential implications and significance of these unexplained aerial encounters.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Phoenix New Times

Thousands Saw UAPs in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997

The Phoenix Lights refers to a widely reported UFO sighting that occurred on March 13, 1997, over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, and its surrounding areas. Thousands of witnesses, including residents, law enforcement personnel, and pilots, observed a series of strange lights in the sky. The lights appeared in a V-shaped formation and spanned a significant distance, moving slowly and silently across the night sky. The event gained significant media attention and sparked intense speculation and debate about the nature and origin of the lights. While the U.S. military initially claimed that the lights were flares from an exercise, many witnesses disputed this explanation, citing the lights’ size, movement, and the absence of sound.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

To The Stars Academy Works Directly with Former Intelligence Officials

To The Stars Academy (TTSA) is a scientific and entertainment organization founded in 2017 by Tom DeLonge, a musician and former member of the band Blink-182. TTSA aims to explore and advance our understanding of unexplained phenomena. It particularly focused on UAPs and their potential connection to advanced technology. The organization brings together a diverse team of scientists, aerospace engineers, and former intelligence officials to investigate and analyze UAP encounters. TTSA has actively engaged in research, publishing findings, and advocating for greater transparency and government disclosure regarding UAPs. As a result, they have produced documentaries and educational materials to disseminate information and foster public awareness about these intriguing phenomena.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Harry Reid: Championing UAP Disclosure and Government Transparency

Harry Reid, a former U.S. Senator from Nevada, has been a key figure in promoting and advocating for greater UAP disclosure within the government. Reid played a crucial role in the initiation and funding of AATIP in 2007, a classified program focused on studying UAP encounters. Another key point, he recognized the importance of investigating these phenomena and understanding their potential national security implications. Reid’s support and efforts helped secure funding for AATIP. Following his retirement from politics, Reid continued to be vocal about the need for transparency. He encouraged the declassification of UAP-related information.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
Apple TV

Dr. Roger Leir Supposedly Removed Alien Implants from Patients

“Patient 17” and Dr. Roger Leir became synonymous with the field of alleged extraterrestrial implant removals. Dr. Leir, a podiatrist and self-proclaimed ufologist, gained attention for his claims of extracting implants from individuals who believed they were implanted by extraterrestrial beings. Patient 17, whose identity remains undisclosed, was one such individual who claimed to have a mysterious object embedded in his leg. Dr. Leir performed a surgery to remove the alleged implant, which he believed possessed advanced technological properties.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
NBC News

The USS Nimitz Footage Becomes Declassified and Famous

Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich and Cmdr. David Fravor were key witnesses to the renowned USS Nimitz UAP sighting in 2004. Dietrich, an experienced U.S. Navy fighter pilot, was one of the F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots dispatched to investigate anomalous radar contacts. Alongside Fravor, she encountered a strange, tic-tac-shaped object exhibiting extraordinary flight capabilities. The encounter, documented in a now-famous video released by the Pentagon, showcased the UAP’s ability to move at incredible speeds and perform maneuvers beyond the capabilities of known aircraft. Dietrich and Fravor’s testimonies provided firsthand accounts of the sighting, lending credibility to the incident and spurring further public interest in the investigation of UAP encounters.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Dr. Kirkpatrick Becomes Director of New Program, All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office

Sean M. Kirkpatrick is a laser and materials physicist and currently director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the United States Department of Defense. Kirkpatrick believes that uncovering the truth is necessary for national security. He believes that if exotic technology is reverse engineered by American adversaries, it could lead to disastrous results. However, at a televised hearing in 2023, he said that there was no evidence to suggest that we were being visited by non-human intelligences. In light of David Grusch’s statements in June of 2023, many in the community believe that Dr. Kirkpatrick knowingly lied to Congress, arguing that he was well aware of what Grusch presented in his interview.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Becomes Involved in Disclosure

Christopher Mellon has played a significant role in UAP disclosure efforts, particularly within the United States government. As a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and a longtime advocate for transparency, Mellon has pushed for a more comprehensive and serious approach to studying UAP encounters. He has been vocal about the need to remove the stigma surrounding UAPs and to encourage government agencies to collect and analyze data related to these incidents. Mellon’s expertise and credibility have made him a respected voice in the field, and his involvement has helped bridge the gap between the scientific community and government institutions. Through public appearances, writings, and interviews, Mellon has called for a more open and systematic approach to investigating UAPs, emphasizing the potential national security implications and the importance of understanding these phenomena.

The Most Shocking UAP Revelations From the Past Century
LAD Bible

Declassified Navy Footage from the USS Russell

The sighting of a triangle-shaped craft by the USS Russell added to the growing body of evidence regarding unexplained aerial phenomena. In July 2019, crew members aboard the USS Russell, a U.S. Navy destroyer, observed and recorded a triangular object in the sky off the coast of California. The craft exhibited remarkable flight capabilities, including the ability to hover and maneuver with agility. The encounter, documented in both radar and visual recordings, provided compelling evidence of an unidentified aerial object that defied conventional explanations. The sighting by trained military personnel further underscored the seriousness of the UAP phenomenon and the need for further investigation. The incident sparked renewed discussions and calls for greater transparency surrounding UAP encounters, as it highlighted the potential existence of advanced unidentified technology and its potential implications for national security.


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