Animals With Unexpected Defense Mechanisms

By Trista
Animals With Unexpected Defense Mechanisms

Survival of the fittest may be the law of the animal kingdom, but not all creatures who live fight a clean battle. Several creatures have evolved interesting adaptable traits that help them survive out in the wild thanks to some new defense systems. Their methods work, and in many cases, their enemies are scared off and no longer tries to pursue them.

The weird ways that these animals protect themselves can seem like they come out of a sci-fi film. From the deep sea to the African desert to the forests of North America, these creatures have found ways to elude their enemies. Whether it is an ingenious natural disguise or basking themselves in bodily fluids, these animals go to extreme measures to ensure they will live another day. 

The hairy frog stabs its enemies with wolverine-like claws. Pinterest

Hairy Frog

One African species of frog can break its bones to get away from its enemies. When you think about frogs, you wouldn’t believe one could resemble a wolverine, but the hairy frog, also known as “horror frog,” is just like its name suggests. It is a hairy amphibian! It also possesses retractable “claws” that can be projected through the skin by intentionally breaking the bones of the toe.

These “claws” are made of bone and not keratin like other real claws. This defensive behavior forces the nodule connection and pushes the sharpened bone through the skin. Researchers have hypothesized that the claws retract passively, and the damaged tissue is then regenerated.