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A Lot of People Missed these Hidden Messages on Squid Game

1. The Squid Game losers foreshadow their deaths.

One of the saddest things about the Squid Game is seeing your favorite characters die, especially in the most tragic ways. For the bad guys, it maybe was a bit of a celebration of sorts. However, the show foreshadows some of their deaths in an earlier moment, making them ironic. For example, player 101 Deok-su jumped a bridge to escape the mob that was going to kill him. He later died the same way but at the hands of Mi-nyeo. Speaking of Mi-nyeo, her death is similar to the arched position she and her team used to win the tug-of-war, a back spot that she even said made her feel empowered. 

Before Ali made it to the games, he stole the money that was rightfully his from his boss. In the marble game, he died because Sang-woo stole all his marbles. (It is also important to note that Ali saw Sang-woo as mature and in a boss-like position of respect.) Sae-byeok has a scar on her neck and threatens to kill the man that lost the money she needed to save her family. She later dies with Sang-woo slashing her throat. Speaking of Sang-woo, he almost killed himself in a hotel room before the games. Of course, he later did when he stabbed himself to let Gi-hun win.