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A List of Ancient Sharks from Small to Scary
The Borneo Shark was rediscovered in 2004. Underwater Fish

Borneo Shark

The borneo shark was once thought to have been extinct. The scarce species was discovered in 2004. The small gray shark is only 26 inches in length. The slender body includes a long pointed snout and a second dorsal fin behind its anal fin. The sharks mostly feed on bony fishes.

A List of Ancient Sharks from Small to Scary
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It is the only member of its genus to have a row of enlarged pores above the corners of its mouth. Before its sighting, the last recorded time a Borneo shark was spotted was in 1937. The shark continues to gain conservation concern from scientists.

A List of Ancient Sharks from Small to Scary
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Lost Shark

Previously known as the false smalltail shark, the Carcharhinus obsolerus has not been seen in more than 80 years, and scientists believe they may have become extinct. The species was known to swim in the Western Central Pacific Ocean area, and the last three specimens found were in Borneo, Vietnam, and Thailand.

A List of Ancient Sharks from Small to Scary
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Although they have not been seen since 1937, scientists are hopeful that the lost sharks are not entirely lost. The rediscovery of the borneo sharks gives them hope that these sharks could be found again.