Home Environmental 45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
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As time goes by, cherished items that were once used as decorative elements in homes gradually become outdated and lose their appeal. Instead of holding on to these items, it’s best to dispose of them in the landfill rather than keep them. A series of assessments boils down to some household items and designs which are no longer in trend. Here are some home trends and household items that have become outdated and are better off being disposed of in a landfill rather than occupying space in an apartment.

Bulky Leather Seats

Once considered a symbol of elegance and luxury, the oversized leather seats of the ’90s have faded from their former glory despite their previous popularity. Now is the time to discard them and move on to new and elegant designs of seats. Besides the look, seats like these are not the most comfortable to sit on. These seats are often firm and excessively bulky, lacking in comfort and style.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Damaged black leather sofa. Photo Credit: TuktaBaby/Shutterstock

Moreover, they consume a significant amount of space, offering little elegance or class in return. Get new sets of modern cushion seats and add a touch of class to the living room. As for these ugly seats, the landfill is their new home.

Artificial Fireplace

Get rid of that plasterboard fireplace, and don’t feel sorry, after all, it’s fake. In the past, a faux or artificial fireplace was considered a clever decorative concept. However, as times have evolved, it has become necessary to replace this simulated structure with a genuine fireplace.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Bright living room interior with artificial fireplace. Photo Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

So, demolish it, pack the debris away, and prepare to install an actual fireplace that is modern and useful. The introduction of this authentic and genuine design will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living room while eliminating any outdated appearance associated with the artificial counterpart.

Soft Kitchen Corner

In contrast to the sleek and minimalist dining sets of recent years, these dining seats are excessively large and occupy an excessive amount of space. In a modern home, it’s imperative to incorporate the use of recent designs because the once common dining seats usually made of leather are outdated and gives a dining area a busy look.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Soft kitchen corner with served table. Photo Credit: Aleksei Lazukov/Shutterstock

Instead of discarding these seats in a landfill, consider replacing them with a fresh and uncomplicated design. The newer types of dining seats are typically slimmer and occupy significantly less space while still providing comfort and charm.

Old Chandelier

No one can dispute the beauty a chandelier adds to the room especially when it lights up. The outdated chandelier design, occasionally combined with a fan, was fashionable years ago but has lost its stylish appeal in the present. To avoid ruining the Interior design of a home, trash this old type, and replace it with the modern types.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Old chandelier. Photo Credit: Polarpx/Shutterstock

The modern chandelier is thoughtfully crafted to illuminate the room in a stunning manner, providing a cozy and radiant ambiance.

Plastic Bathroom Accessories

The era of plastic accessories in matching colors, once prevalent in many households, is now a thing of the past. Whoever manufactured them must have sold big considering many homes had these sets in the bathroom decades ago. Sadly, there is no place for these plastic accessories anymore.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Plastic bathroom shelf with bathroom accessories against the wall. Photo Credit: Venus Angel/Shutterstock

While inexpensive, it is now imperative to invest wisely in bathroom accessories rather than opting for cheap plastic alternatives. So, trash those old accessories and get new designs to give the bathroom a lovely and stylish touch.

Random Plastic as Trash Bin

In the past, using any available plastic container as a trash bin was not a significant concern. However, contemporary home designs no longer harmonize with the use of plastic as a waste bin. There are better designs manufactured to look formal, a lot more functional, and also befitting.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Plastic waste bins are full of different types of garbage, recycling and separate waste. Photo Credit: Stokkete/Shutterstock

It’s time for the traditional plastic waste bin to make way for its newer counterpart, specifically designed to avoid the presence of an incongruous element in an otherwise sleek and stylish home environment.

Alarm Clock

Small alarm clocks are often found in bedrooms. While they serve a purpose, these clocks have become outdated and it is time for them to make way for more modern alternatives. They should be responsibly disposed of in appropriate waste management systems instead of occupying space in bedrooms. Don’t feel bad discarding this tool; there are plenty of alternatives.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
An alarm clock. Photo Credit: Lifestyle Travel Photo/Shutterstock

All smartphones or tablets can perform the function of an alarm clock perfectly and even better. Certain smart devices have the capability to not only display the time but also engage with users by providing reminders for various activities. Moreover, these devices can generate significantly high volume levels if needed.


Landlines, which have been utilized for several generations, aside from being preserved in basements for historical purposes, are in need of extinction in terms of regular use for communication. Discarding them wouldn’t hurt, since a vast majority of people now use mobile phones to communicate. So, kiss that lovely landline goodbye and stop having an old looking apartment.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Heap of old, outdated and vintage landlines. Photo Credit: Stokkete/Shutterstock

There are numerous attractive alternatives to adorn shelves or tables with decorative pieces. Incorporating these stylish accessories can infuse a modern theme into your home.

Hi-Fi Stereo Equipment

New technological innovations have mocked the old fashion stereo system. While the stereo system may produce high-quality and loud sound, its substantial size makes it impractical for everyday household use, especially when not hosting a party. As mentioned earlier, new speakers are now manufactured to give impressive sound despite their small size.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Hi-Fi audio amplifier and speakers in a studio. Photo Credit: Sensay/Shutterstock

Bid farewell to those space-consuming stereo systems and create a less cluttered living room ambiance by replacing them with compact and inconspicuous small speakers that have gained popularity in recent years.

Mason Jars

In the 1990s, Mason jars were a popular trend and served various purposes. They were utilized for storing bars of soap, candles, and even for keeping food items both inside and outside the refrigerator. There still more functions that advertisers claimed the jar could perform. Several households still use these jars instead of disposing of them. There are various new means of storage nowadays.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Homemade healthy salad in mason glass jars. Photo Credit: bonchan/Shutterstock

This contemporary storage approach offers a more elegant and suitable solution for modern home designs. Consider the exquisite candle holders or the sleek boxes specifically designed to store food items, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.


During the 1980s, it was trendy to embrace nature wholeheartedly by incorporating indoor greenery, particularly ferns, into home décor. The concept aimed to bring the essence of nature indoors and create a harmonious connection with the natural world. For some, this meant placing the plant into almost every room in the house making the home look like a garden and all green during the day. As beautiful as this can be, it’s best to move the plant outside and home and enjoy enough space within the home.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Man putting Boston fern on a wooden table. Photo Credit: Benoit Bruchez/Shutterstock

The approach to design that involved incorporating ferns indoors is no longer fashionable and appears outdated. Instead, consider keeping plants in the garden and opt for alternative aesthetically pleasing objects to enhance your interior décor.

Bean Bags

The bean bag, a round chair filled with air, was once a popular choice but has now become outdated. It is a casual seat much used for relaxation or when they get tired of a regular chair. This chair has served its purpose and it’s time to let it go. The design is outdated and it belongs to the landfill now.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Man sitting on a bean bag and using laptop. Photo Credit: ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

There is a plethora of relaxation chairs available that not only offer superior comfort but also boast a modern appearance. These new chairs seamlessly blend into contemporary interior designs, providing a stylish and comfortable seating option.

Large Salk Flowers

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, it was common to engage in the practice of plucking flowers with long stalks and displaying them in vases filled with water. However, this concept has become outdated and lost its charm over time. Keeping such flowers in the home looks ordinary and outdated. Options available now are better and more pleasing to the eye. In the present day, flower stores have evolved to offer beautifully crafted bouquets that are round, full, and remarkably presentable.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Beautiful pink flowers in a vase. Photo Credit: nioloxs/Shutterstock

These bouquets surpass the appeal of flowers with long stalks, providing a more visually pleasing and sophisticated option. So, for anyone in the habit of putting flowers with long stalks as decoration in the home, stop!

Synthetic Fruit

In the ’90s, the trend of using synthetic fruits as table decorations captured people’s attention. It was an intriguing concept that gained popularity, and numerous households embraced the style, appreciating its aesthetic appeal for as long as it lasted. This approach to the decoration of the interior of a home is old and odd. No one goes about putting some fruits in a transparent bowl and placing it on the table or shelf and calls it decoration.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Assorted artificial fruits. Photo Credit: Moolkum/Shutterstock

The utilization of synthetic fruits as décor has become outdated, and these artificial items now find themselves destined for landfill disposal due to their obsolete nature.

Lacy Tablecloth

In contemporary times, the usage of tablecloths, particularly those of the lacy variety, has significantly diminished. However, if we were to journey back in time, the presence of lace tablecloths would not appear unusual, as they were once a common feature in households. The idea of great decor in the ’90s is a whole lot different than now. Using a lace table cloth could count as the highest form of outdated design in this modern era.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Closeup of vintage lacy white cloth on a table with silver fork and spoon. Photo Credit: ILEISH ANNA/Shutterstock

So put that lace cloth off the table and trash it. Appreciate the understated elegance of a plain-designed center table, allowing its inherent beauty to shine without any distractions.

Window Valances

Window valances evoke a nostalgic charm reminiscent of days gone by. Typically positioned in the upper part of a window, these short cotton pieces are believed to enhance the window’s overall aesthetic, adding an extra touch of beauty to the surroundings. It may have indeed served that purpose then, but now, using it will only give a living room an outdated outlook.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Kitchen counter with granite top and valence on window. Photo Credit: Domenic Gareri/Shutterstock

The best option is to get those valances to the landfill and purchase long curtains that look elegant and modern. The room will be thankful and designers will give a thumbs up!

Platform Supported Beds

Certain mysteries will forever remain unsolved, like the enigma of who first conceived the idea of placing a bed on a platform. What purpose does the elevation serve? Despite its seemingly peculiar and inexplicable nature, this trend gained popularity for unknown reasons during the ’70s. Well, it has trended, now is the time to get it removed and disposed of in a landfill. It doesn’t belong to the apartment anymore.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Storage platform supported modern bed. Photo Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

In the present day, there exists an abundance of bedroom designs to explore. It is advisable to draw inspiration from these designs and refrain from transforming every bedtime routine into a grand stage performance akin to the Grammys. Embrace a more relaxed and comfortable ambiance for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Mirrors Placed on a Ceiling

In the past, it was considered fashionable and sophisticated to have a ceiling-mounted mirror in a room. This practice was widely embraced, with even celebrities joining the trend by incorporating ceiling mirrors into their spaces. It was perceived as a stylish and glamorous addition to interior décor during that era.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Mirrored ceiling with retro light bulbs. Photo Credit: nadtochiy/Shutterstock

That practice has enjoyed it’s time and now feels old-fashioned. To keep up with the recent world-class interior decorations, the ceiling mirror needs to vacate the ceiling and stop making a room feel the owner has gone back in time to relive the past.

Mirror Fluorescent Lights

While it is understandable that individuals may desire a well-lit bedroom, there are alternative methods to achieve this goal without resorting to the use of bright white Hollywood lights. There exist more effective and aesthetically pleasing lighting options that can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. They are simply blinding especially after waking up or coming in and eyes need to adjust sharply to the brightness. Modern styles now have brown and amber-colored lights fixed in rooms.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Two fluorescent lights are placed beside a mirror. Photo Credit: Aleksandra Budnik/Shutterstock

These types give the room a warm, soft, and eye-friendly illumination. Why not set aside some time to eliminate those white lights from the room and replace them with modern and contemporary lighting options?

Thomas Edison Bulbs

Thomas Edison bulbs are an excellent choice when aiming to create an antique design. They lend a nostalgic touch to the ambiance and are often utilized by restaurants seeking to evoke a ’90s atmosphere. These bulbs serve as essential elements in recreating the desired environment and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. So, unless one is trying to create a part of the house to look vintage, these bulbs do not have a place in contemporary home design. In the realm of home lighting, there is now a wide array of chandeliers available in various styles and designs.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Glowing Edison’s light bulbs. Photo Credit: Tereshchenko Dmitry/Shutterstock

This diverse selection allows individuals to choose the perfect chandelier that complements their home decor and illuminates their space with elegance and sophistication.

Bed Lamps from the Famous Tiffany & Co.

Bed lamps have become a staple in almost every household, with an abundance of designs and shapes available to cater to individual preferences. Among these options, the Tiffany lamp stands out with its antique design and distinctive switch, adding a touch of vintage charm and sophistication to any bedroom setting. Of course, it still serves the purpose for which it was intended but it looks no way near the recent types used to complement new interior decoration ideas.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Tiffany bed lamp is illuminating at night. Photo Credit: Linda Bestwick/Shutterstock

While Tiffany lamps have enjoyed their share of popularity in the past, it may be time to consider moving on from this relic of the past and exploring the internet for modern alternatives that offer more captivating designs and better bulb options. Embracing contemporary options can provide a fresh and updated aesthetic to enhance the overall appeal of your space.

Shag Wooly Carpet

Decades ago, one of the reasons why many people embraced the use of shag carpets was due to their soft, cushioning, and soothing feel. The luxurious texture provided a comforting and cozy experience, making shag carpets a popular choice for adding warmth and comfort to living spaces. Coupled with the cozy feel it gives a room. One doesn’t have to try too much; it easy to love this carpet.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Shag wooly carpet. Photo Credit: Design gallery/Shutterstock

In terms of modern aesthetics, this carpet will get a low score when considering the stylish look, it can give room. The era of the shag carpet has come to an end, and while it may feel challenging, there are now numerous brilliant alternatives in floor designs.

Kitchen Tile Countertops

Oh, how retro! Tile on a countertop? That’s definitely a thing of the ’80s! Nowadays, it’s a big no-no. We’ve entered the era of stunning granite countertops and other impressive designs that are in vogue. There is no better place to dispose of this tile than the landfill. Have a professional refurbish the kitchen space and get rid of the ancient tiles. Bid farewell to the ’70s and fully immerse yourself in reality, embracing the countless benefits of modern interior decorations.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Hands of the tiler are laying the ceramic tile on the kitchen countertop. Photo Credit: chomplearn/Shutterstock

It’s time to embrace the present and relish in the joys of contemporary design. The kitchen also needs a touch of class, a look that rhymes well with the theme of the current style of home design.

Plastic Plants

Just like using synthetic fruits as décor, artificial plants have also become quite prevalent. However, it’s high time we abandoned this approach to home decoration, as it gives an interior a dated and old-fashioned appearance. Gather every artificial plant in the house and head straight to a waste bin that will deliver those outdated objects to a landfill.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Artificial plastic houseplants on a windowsill. Photo Credit: JulieK2/Shutterstock

There are plenty of alternatives to fake plants. For those who adore accessorizing their homes, there is a wide array of wooden sculptured objects and small metal designs available in numerous forms.

Kitchen Sink Mat

The use of kitchen sink mats should have been phased out long ago. While they may have served their purpose in reducing noise during washing, preventing the chipping of ceramic paint, and protecting the sink coating, it’s time to explore more modern and efficient alternatives. Well, not to downplay the importance of these mats, but some kitchen sinks are now made from stones and materials which are resistant to scratch and chirping.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Water in a clogged, flooded kitchen sink with a sink mat. Photo Credit: Tony Eliseev/Shutterstock

For those who prefer traditional zinc sinks, it is advisable to opt for colorless silicone mats. By using these mats, you can ensure that they blend seamlessly with the sink, making them inconspicuous while still providing the desired functionality.

Tufted Headboards

Many people fell in love with and desired the presence of enormous tufted headboards. Their grand proportions captivated the hearts of many, making them a coveted trend. Well, many did have them fixed and enjoyed the thrill of being part of a trend.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Gray tufted headboard and pink bedcover in simple bedroom. Photo Credit: Ground Picture/Shutterstock

However, the era of tufted headboards is gone and now replaced by sophisticated iron headboards. It’s time to remove the tufted type—have it disposed of into the landfill and incorporate the new design into the bedroom.

Brass Accessories

Brass-toned accessories once gleamed and commanded attention in the room. Mirrors, ornate bowls, and decorative pieces adorned with the radiant, yellow-gold hue of brass now beckon for a replacement. Modern interior decor now seems to be tilting towards the use of silver-colored material as decorative accessories.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Kitchen brass utensils, chef accessories. Photo Credit: United Photo Studio/Shutterstock

To blend with the future of interior décor, those brass accessories need to leave the apartment for a trash can, the end of an era. Now is the time to enjoy the new version of beautiful!

Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere!

It’s quite astonishing to think that some individuals adorned their homes with glossy mirror furniture. This particular style of furniture predominantly graced the rooms, adding a touch of glamour and reflection. It’s used as a table, cupboard, or any other object. The wood overlay of the furniture is a shiny type that can also work as a mirror. Its material glitters and gives the room an overly bright look.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Glossy mirror furniture. Photo Credit: Michael Halavonja/Shutterstock

In recent years, this style of furniture has not only become outdated but is now deemed unattractive by designers. Get every piece of this furniture out of the home, and replace it with a new and subtle design.

The Wicker Seat

The wicker seat boasted an elegant and stylish construction, which was a significant factor behind its widespread adoption a few years ago. Its popularity soared to the extent that numerous households owned at least one, with some even having entire sets. Despite the pretty look of the wicker chair, it has a frame that gets weak over time. And later, the chair becomes uncomfortable to sit on.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Armchair with wicker seat and dining table. Photo Credit: P A/Shutterstock

Forget the fancy look, there are other types of wooden and well-structured chairs that are comfortable and sturdy. Let go of the delicate wicker and embrace a contemporary, sturdy chair instead.

Cliche Moroccan Carpet

The Moroccan carpet possessed a distinctive patterned design that captivated the masses during its time of popularity. Wherever it was placed, this exquisite carpet commanded attention, becoming the focal point of the room. Its classy and captivating appearance made it a sought-after choice, resulting in millions of people in the United States alone purchasing this beautiful piece.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Moroccan-style living room with Moroccan carpet. Photo Credit: Travelpixs/Shutterstock

However, like many trends, its allure eventually faded. Some people traded these carpets for new types. Either make a trade or get this item to the landfill. Then, try out the new Persian rug common in some homes.

Matching Seats and Pillows

In the past, it was a popular trend to use pillows in the living room that perfectly matched the color of the chair. The allure of this coordinated color scheme was fascinating to many, leading them to embrace and adopt this idea. It was fun while it lasted and now, there should be changes. Modern designs frown at this idea simply because it gives a boring and dull outlook.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Living room with matching seats and pillows. Photo Credit: Nicholas Ahonen/Shutterstock

Embrace new designs and vibrant colors for your pillows, leaving behind the outdated practice of matching them to the chair color and disposing of those types in the landfill. Refine the home and have a fresh design.

Throw Pillows Everywhere!

It’s difficult to comprehend the rationale behind adorning a chair with numerous pillows. Perhaps it was believed that such an arrangement would enhance the beauty of the room. However, in reality, this idea only results in a cluttered chair, leaving limited space for comfortable seating.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Excessive pile of pillows on a sofa. Photo Credit: Aquarius Studio/Shutterstock

Why not pick the lovely types and discard the rest? Don’t litter the room with ugly pillows. Let that seat have enough space, let it look smart, simple, and beautiful.

Old Computer Swiveling-Chair

The traditionally black swiveling computer chair might be one of the outdated and obsolete items that should be considered for disposal. Over time, due to the design of the chair and the length of use, it may start to sag and wear out. While one could argue that the dull-looking chair may not be noticed by many, its lack of visual appeal is not the only issue.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Black leather computer swiveling chair. Photo Credit: LU YAO/Shutterstock

More importantly, it fails to provide the necessary comfort when in use. The worn structure will make sitting uncomfortable, affecting the back, neck, and causing pain at such parts of the body.

Sink Strainer

The kitchen tends to accumulate numerous items that contribute to a visually cluttered appearance, especially during meal preparation. Including a sink strainer in the already endless list of items on a busy kitchen counter is unnecessary. It detracts from the beauty of the space. Most times, the color of this old object makes it all worse, a shining red or yellow object that contrasts with the metallic color of zinc.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Drain metal kitchen sink strainer. Photo Credit: Piotr Wytrazek/Shutterstock

Revitalize the aesthetics of your kitchen by removing this outdated item. Let it find its rightful place in the landfill, restoring a cleaner and more organized look to your culinary space.

Small Round Bedroom Beds

When recounting past designs, the round bed also comes to mind. In the past, the round bed was regarded as a fashionable addition to a room, complementing other small decorative objects with its unique shape and style. It was fun while it lasted but its round shape takes more space and the bedding it uses is usually rare considering its shape.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Small round comfortable white bed. Photo Credit: AlenKadr/Shutterstock

The current trend of rectangular bed shapes is more suitable and well-suited for bedroom layouts. The round bed needs to go to the landfill while new bed furniture replaces it.

Cereal Bowls for Feeding Your Cats and Dogs

Pet enthusiasts often find it effortless to dash to a shop and acquire an exquisite dish for their beloved companion animal. However, since the focus most times is to purchase a lovely and well-designed plate, many do not notice how inconvenient the structure of some plates can be for pets.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Ginger cat sniffing cornflakes in a white bowl. Photo Credit: Asadykov/Shutterstock

Certain pet dishes are designed in a way that hinders optimal and comfortable feeding for our furry friends. So, what’s the solution? It’s as simple as discarding such plates and opting for wider ones that accommodate their needs better.

Cheap-Looking Interior Doors

Interior doors hold equal significance to the main entrance doors. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes this fact, which leads them to acquire inexpensive and ornamental doors. The downside is an outdated outlook an interior with cheap doors looks outdated and of course, also looks cheap.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Room with Sintasol floor, old cheap door, green walls and dirty curtains. Photo Credit: Toyakisphoto/Shutterstock

Additionally, professional home decor designers advise the use of quality and sturdy interior doors. If anything needs to be removed from the home, don’t hesitate to have these cheap doors removed permanently and replace them with modern types.

Cheap Scented Candles

The inexpensive price might be the tempting factor that lures many into purchasing these candles, as it certainly isn’t the overpowering scent that motivates their purchase. These gel candles usually have an irritating smell that may also affect the quality of clean air.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Candle spa with shells. Photo Credit: Frescomovie/Shutterstock

Why not dispose of these gel candles and strive to purchase the quality types. For individuals seeking a delightful fragrance, modern perfume diffusers serve as excellent alternatives.

Wooden Toilets Seats

Wooden seats were a popular trend in the 1990s, but their time should have ended back then. While they might have been fascinating at the time, they no longer hold the same allure in the present day. There are even speculations that this type of toilet seat is not hygienic enough as compared to modern types.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
White toilet pan with a wooden seat. Photo Credit: Yackers1/Shutterstock

Above all, design-wise, this wooden design is just so old and too outdated an item to be in 21st century home. It should be completely removed and discarded—it belongs to the landfill and not in the home.

Overbearing Computer Shelfs

The computer set itself exudes an air of obsolescence and hopelessly outdated technology. Every accessory and component on the endless list seems to belong to a bygone era, much like the shelf that holds them. This type is always huge and placed in particular corners in most homes, but this ridiculous giant wood needs not to exist in the home for many reasons. It takes up too much space, it’s ugly, and computers do not come in big sizes and lots of parts as before.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Overbearing Computer desk. Photo Credit: Flickr

A single table is more than sufficient to fulfill the task excellently, considering that most computers nowadays feature lightweight and slim designs.

Filter Jug

Reflecting upon the past, one cannot help but ponder why certain objects gained popularity and became commonplace in numerous households. The water filter jug may have been a must-have. Yet many now describe it as “ugly.” It served a purpose and felt like a design back then, but its time is up! While the water filter jug has effectively fulfilled its role in filtering water, there are now superior alternatives available.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Water filter jug on kitchen table. Photo Credit: Alexandra Harashchenko/Shutterstock

These alternatives are unconventional compared to the conventional jug option. So, go online and purchase a lovely device that would get the job done without giving the kitchen an outdated look.

Word-Art Designs

Word art designs used to be considered beautiful and a stylish way to add a touch of elegance to an apartment, particularly a few decades ago. However, in modern times, home décor trends have shifted away from the use of word art. It no longer holds the same appeal or relevance in contemporary interior design. Nothing is wrong with the design, but the world has just grown out of it.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Word wall art room interior. Photo Credit: Ryoma26/Shutterstock

Although some stores still sell word art, resist the urge to travel back in time and use these obsolete materials, there are better options that beautify the home and without being expensive too.

Open Shelves

Open shelves were common many years ago. The trend was adopted by lots of homeowners. Traditionally, the shelf was affixed to the wall, serving as a display for dishes and utensils. Its intriguing aspect was the absence of doors, allowing the well-arranged plates to remain visible. While it was enjoyable during its time, it is now time to embrace progress and discover new designs that offer fresh perspectives.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Wooden open shelves in the kitchen. Photo Credit: Stock_Studio/Shutterstock

Besides the dishes on the open shelf tend to accumulate dust. The shelf needs to be removed, cast into the landfill, and replaced by a proper one.

Wood Hanging Barn Doors

The idea of installing barn doors suddenly gained traction and quickly became a popular trend among many households. It has become increasingly common to see this type of door being utilized as a sliding door option. In comparison with recent interior design for modern homes, the barn door feels off and out of place. It just doesn’t fit in.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
Top hung hanging wooden barn sliding door with a grey brick wall. Photo Credit: Videoanita/Shutterstock

The barn door may be suitable for homes with a wooden theme or actual barns, but for non-wooden home interior designs, it is advisable to remove and dispose of this type of door. It may not complement the overall aesthetic and style of such homes.

Curtain in Shower

While shower curtains are still utilized in certain places, many designers express frustration that this outdated method of demarcating a shower is still in use. They believe that there are more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing alternatives available. A better way to use demarcations in showers is through the use of glass doors. In modern home design, glass doors used in showers look dashing and smart.

45 Items That Belong to the Landfill and Not in Your Apartment
View of a small bathroom with a bathtub, hanging towel, mirror and shower curtain. Photo Credit: Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Therefore, it is recommended to remove that shower curtain, discard it, and opt for glass designs instead. Embrace a modern approach and add a touch of class to your home.