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Regardless of your personal beliefs regarding spirits and ghosts, a visit to a haunted location is bound to evoke a spine-tingling sensation. Every state has its notorious haunted locations, and we rounded up the creepiest places across the country. Embarking on a journey that traverses from the mystical drummers of Hawaii to the wandering apparitions of fallen soldiers on battlefields, can you navigate this list without sensing the ethereal presence surrounding you?

Besides the pizza and Broadway shows, New York is also famous for the Amityville murders. A year following the tragic incident where Ronald DeFeo Jr. fatally shot six members of his family in their Long Island residence, an unsuspecting new family moved in, completely unaware of the unsettling events that awaited them. The home was terrorized by demonic spirits that lingered in the home and haunted anyone who came inside.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Well-known residential home located at 108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701. Photo Credit: John Arehart/Shutterstock

The house later became the inspiration for the film Amityville Horror. Additionally, the house remained unsold until 2016 when an unidentified buyer finally acquired it.

With a rich and eerie history that traces back to its establishment in 1829, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania stands as one of the most renowned prisons globally, shrouded in a haunting legacy. The prison was known for its brutal prisoner reform techniques, including keeping prisoners in the dark and isolated for weeks.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
A cell in Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Photo Credit: Pointa/Shutterstock

Given the circumstances, it comes as no surprise that the spirits of the incarcerated have grown restless, rendering the Eastern State Penitentiary an inherently haunted location. When people tour the prison today, they sometimes hear footsteps, screams, moans, and other unexplained noises.

Have you ever pondered the inspiration behind Stephen King’s renowned novel, The Shining? Interestingly, it was the Stanley Hotel located in Colorado that served as the source of inspiration. The picturesque hotel opened in 1909, and it has a long history of hauntings. Some of the spirits are mean, but others are quite helpful. Within the confines of room 217, resides the spirit of Elizabeth Wilson, who eternally lingers and diligently aids guests in discovering precisely what they require to enhance their sojourn at the Stanley Hotel.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Interior view of the historical Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Photo Credit: Kit Leong/Shutterstock

It seems like she knows what quality service is. However, we wouldn’t want to come into contact with the other Stanley Hotel spirits.

Following a prosperous tenure as newspaper owners, Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana yearned for a retirement that exuded elegance and grandeur. They decided to build the Pittock mansion, but after less than five years of living there, both of them passed away; however, some claim their spirits never left. Currently, under the ownership of the city, the mansion is open to the public, offering tours that have garnered reports of peculiar encounters and inexplicable phenomena.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. Photo Credit: PNG Studio Photography/Shutterstock

Some people say they smell roses in rooms without greenery, which were Georgiana’s favorite flower, or the painting of Henry is moved from room to room.

When a place carries the chilling moniker of the “Ax Murder House,” one can reasonably infer that it harbors haunting tales. In the year 1912, a horrifying incident unfolded as eight individuals, including six children, were mercilessly slain in their sleep within the confines of their own home. Although there was an exhaustive search for the killer, no one was ever caught. Over the years, the house has become a haunted attraction, where brave visitors can spend the night in the house with the restless spirits.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa. Photo Credit: Flickr

The rooms within the house appear nearly untouched, as if frozen in time since the night of the brutal murder, creating an eerie atmosphere that sends shivers down one’s spine.

Operating for a mere 33 years, the Yuma Territorial Prison managed to establish a macabre reputation, leaving behind a chilling legacy.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park Yuma, Arizona, USA. Photo Credit: Teeratas/Shutterstock

Since its inception in 1876, the prison accommodated a total of 3,069 inmates, tragically witnessing the demise of 111 of them. However, due to overcrowding, the inmates were moved to a new facility.

It comes as little surprise that cemeteries serve as a dwelling place for spirits, and Easton’s Union Cemetery in Connecticut is no exception to this ethereal phenomenon. Dating back to the 1700s, it has centuries of history on its side, which means plenty of ghosts from the past with a vendetta. Among the cemetery’s notable specters, the most infamous is the White Lady, a ghost who, as legend has it, met her untimely demise following the murder of her own husband.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The entrance to Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

She is known to stand in the middle of the local highway, causing drivers to “hit” her only to discover she is not there once they get out of the car.

Fort Delaware has been inactive since the 1940s, but the paranormal activity has not stopped. Enveloped by a state park, the fort stands amidst an environment where numerous visitors have reported sightings of shadowy figures and eerie echoes of disembodied voices. In the dark dungeon areas, guests have even heard rattling chain sounds. If we were to witness or hear anything resembling a ghostly presence, we would swiftly depart from the premises.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Inside Fort Delaware State Park. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

While some individuals are inexplicably drawn to such occurrences, our primary concern is to avoid the prospect of being followed home by a lingering spirit.

Since its opening in 1874, the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida has remained accessible to visitors, attracting over 200,000 individuals each year. However, over the years, there have been numerous reports of strange occurrences within its premises. There have been reports of ghoulish visitors, and it draws in even more tourists. The lighthouse might look beautiful on the outside, but it has a tragic past.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Staircase inside the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse on Lighthouse Avenue in St. Augustine. Photo Credit: Nagel Photography/Shutterstock

The lighthouse keeper met his untimely end by falling while painting the tower, and in close proximity, three little girls also lost their lives at a nearby cliff, adding a somber aspect to the history of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. They have been seen roaming around the lighthouse, and people are always interested in seeing them.

Renowned as Georgia’s most haunted destination, Moon River Brewery in Savannah has a reputation that extends beyond its craft beers. Originally, it was a hotel in 1821 before serving as a hospital for victims of yellow fever during the Civil War.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Street view of Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

Despite its transformation into a trendy brewery, the restless spirits of former hospital patients and guests continue to linger within the premises of Moon River Brewery, lending an eerie presence to the establishment. Customers have reported being touched, pushed, or even slapped by invisible forces.

Hawaii boasts captivating landscapes, and within its enchanting beauty lies Waipio Valley, renowned for its awe-inspiring vistas, nestled on the island of Oahu. But if you visit the lookout, you might not be alone as the sun goes down because the area is apparently haunted. Referred to as “Night Marchers” at times, these spectral beings have been the subject of numerous accounts from both locals and visitors, who have talked about hearing haunting chants and the beat of drums reverberating through the darkness.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The view from the Waipio Valley Lookout, Hamakua, Hawaii. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This has happened when no one is around, and it is quite startling. They must have been natives on the island before perishing.

Despite Idaho’s chilly winters, it remains a remarkable phenomenon that the Shoshone Ice Caves maintain their frozen state throughout the year. The 1,000-foot lava tube is not just home to rock and ice but also some paranormal spirits. Legend has it that the Shoshone Princess Edahow is buried in the ice caves, waiting for her time to come back to life.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Inside the Shoshone Ice Cave, Idaho. Photo Credit: Flickr

As staff and visitors venture through the cave, they have reported hearing inexplicable footsteps and voices, leading them to believe that it may be the spirit of a presence within.

Nestled in Nashville, Indiana, the Story Inn stands as a historical landmark. With its rich history comes an intriguing chill, as one of the most renowned apparitions is none other than the wife of the town’s founder, Dr. George Story. We wonder why her husband hasn’t joined her in the afterlife. According to legend, she will appear if blue light is on, and she has left behind blue objects as well. Guests have also caught whiffs of the distinctive cherry tobacco that she used to smoke during her earthly days.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana. Photo Credit: Flickr

This compelling scent serves as convincing evidence for many, further reinforcing their belief that her spirit remains very much alive within the inn’s ethereal realm.

Despite its outward resemblance to any typical colonial home on the block, the Sallie House in Kansas harbors a haunting history that has instilled a chilling belief among many that it is frequented by spirits from the other side. One previous homeowner experienced something crazy, and that is how the rumors began. Upon their arrival in 1993, Tony and Debra Pickman were subjected to harrowing encounters within the home, as malevolent spirits tormented them by scratching, burning, and even forcefully pushing them down the stairs.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
View of Sallie House in Kansas. Photo Credit: Flickr

Lights and TV sets would turn on and off at will. It is believed that the spirit of a girl named Sallie who died in the house targets men who visit.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is often regarded as the most haunted place on Earth, and this distinction is not without substantial cause. Opened in 1910, the sanatorium treated patients affected by the tuberculosis outbreak, and it became a self-contained community with its own zip code. According to researchers, the hospital saw the demise of thousands of individuals during the peak of the tuberculosis epidemic, making it unsurprising that the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is believed to be teeming with restless spirits.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They enjoy causing trouble and scaring visitors, which is why people should probably stay away.

New Orleans is renowned for its plethora of haunted locations, offering a wide array of ghost tours for visitors to indulge in. However, among these eerie destinations, one place stands out as the city’s spookiest spot. Madame Delphine LaLaurie owned LaLaurie Mansion in the 1830s, and it was the site of some heinous crimes. People claim Madame LaLaurie mistreated and tortured her slaves, who mostly perished in the home.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Historic LaLaurie Mansion in the French Quarter at the corner, New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo Credit: JustPixs/Shutterstock

Present-day visitors to the site often report hearing mournful moans and phantom footsteps resonating from the rooms where the lady once held and mistreated her enslaved individuals. It is surmised that these tormented spirits lingered to haunt her, seeking to instill the same fear and unease that they had endured in life.

Asylums often become notorious hotbeds for ghostly encounters and spiritual manifestations, yet certain individuals find themselves inexplicably drawn to such phenomena. One such haunting location is the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, which served as a residence for the mentally ill starting as early as the 1600s. Thousands were committed to the hospital, and hundreds died there. People who have visited the asylum reported seeing ghosts and hearing unexplained voices and eerie sounds.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Weston State Hospital (aka Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum) in Weston, West Virginia. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A group of paranormal investigators courageously spent the night within the desolate confines of the abandoned asylum, yet despite their efforts, they remained unable to discern the underlying causes behind the supernatural occurrences that unfolded within its walls.

Constructed in Augusta, Maine, after the conclusion of the War of 1812, the Kennebec Arsenal took on a new role as a hospital for a significant portion of its century-long history. The Augusta Mental Institute was operational until 2004, and during this time, more than 11,600 people died there.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Kennebec Arsenal Main building in Maine. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Adding to the intrigue of the story, the most peculiar aspect lies in the absence of detailed reports regarding the burial locations of the numerous bodies that passed through its doors. Although the hospital has been closed for almost two decades, passersby still claimed they see ghosts or hear cries from behind building walls.

During its construction in 1897, the historic Red Onion Saloon emerged as one of the most infamous brothels in the gold rush town of Skagway, Alaska. Today, people believe it is haunted by a ghost named Lydia, one of the brothel’s mistresses. It is said that she occasionally waters the saloon’s plants and can be seen wandering the upstairs floors.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Red Onion Saloon in SKAGWAY, ALASKA. Photo Credit: Jiri Vondrous/Shutterstock

Reportedly, she is harmless to most, but when it comes to men, she has shown a tendency to be hostile. Although her behavior may raise eyebrows, for those who are not men, she appears to be a rather useful ghost, and they are thankful not to be on the receiving end of her wrath.

On what stands as the single bloodiest day of the Civil War, the Antietam National Battlefield bore witness to a staggering toll, with over 23,000 soldiers losing their lives or sustaining grievous wounds. Today people who visit the war site see the ghosts of fallen soldiers walking around, and often hear gunfire as well.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Image of the Sunken Road – “Bloody Lane” At the memorial Antietam National Battlefield, in northwestern Maryland. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For those interested in history, but not the supernatural kind, the Battle of Antietam prompted Abraham Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation with the stated goal of ending slavery. Regrettably, the pursuit of that goal would entail years of ongoing conflict and continued fighting.

Given Salem’s deep-rooted history in witchcraft, it comes as no shock that the town boasts an array of genuinely eerie locations. The Old Burying Point is the oldest cemetery in Salem, founded in 1637. Although none of the people were suspected witches from the trials, there is a memorial for them. As per accounts, the Salem Witch Trials resulted in the tragic demise of 25 individuals, and witnesses claim to have witnessed spectral apparitions lingering above the memorial site.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Old Burying Point Cemetery where the Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Photo Credit: AlessandroV/Shutterstock

It must be those people who were wrongfully accused of witchcraft coming back to haunt the town.

The Crescent Hotel garners its reputation as America’s most haunted hotel, or at the very least, in Arkansas. Constructed in 1886, the establishment allegedly accommodates various lingering spirits, guests who checked in and chose to remain for eternity. There is one spirit who has been spotted quite a few times. A red-haired man name Michael was one of the masons that built the hotel, and his mischievous spirit haunts the establishment.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Crescent Hotel in 2004, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, established in 1886. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mischievous Michael has gained notoriety for his penchant for playing pranks involving lights, doors, and televisions. Even the exterior of the hotel gives off an eerie aura, discouraging any desire to venture into his realm.

The Wabasha Street Caves in Minnesota have amassed a plethora of tales, stretching back to the Prohibition era. During that time, the former mining caves were turned into a speakeasy, becoming a hotspot for gangsters. You could probably guess that more than a few hits took place there. Remarkably, one of the fireplaces within the caves still bears the scars of bullet holes from a long-past murder.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Inside Wabasha Street Caves tunnel. Photo Credit: Flickr

Presently, numerous individuals assert that the spirits of the deceased continue to haunt the caverns, their restless presence resonating through the winding tunnels, producing haunting cries through those tunnels.

The moniker “The Grey Ghost” serves as a compelling testament to the Queen Mary’s haunted nature. This eerie and majestic vessel, nestled in Long Beach, California, serves as a dwelling place for approximately 150 spirits, who have made the ocean-liner their home. However, that hasn’t stopped people from visiting. From a crew member killed by a watertight door to a woman dressed in white who hangs out in the luxury suites.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary vessel in Long Beach, California. Photo Credit: Juan Camilo Bernal/Shutterstock

For avid ghost hunting enthusiasts, this 1930s ship presents the ideal setting, as it grants a remarkable opportunity to witness ethereal apparitions freely wandering the deserted vessel during the nocturnal hours.

Once a thriving hub of logging and farming industry, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore now exudes an aura reminiscent of a ghost town, its once bustling activities faded into a haunting stillness. And the city is actually inhabited by ghosts, or that’s what people think, at least. Located 16 miles off the shore of the Leelanau Peninsula, the island was also the site of a shipwreck. According to local lore, the restless spirits are believed to have originated from the ill-fated ship.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Tourists climbing steep sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan. Photo Credit: Bo Shen/Shutterstock

Another haunting legend recounts a tragic incident where a vessel fell victim to a cholera outbreak, resulting in the passengers being laid to rest on the island, with some unfortunate souls meeting their graves prematurely, while still clinging to life.

In Birmingham, Alabama, the renowned Sloss Furnaces stands as a cherished historic landmark, while simultaneously holding the distinction of being the most haunted site in the state. Established in 1882, this facility was dedicated to the vital task of converting coal and mined ores into steel. The work conditions were awful and harshly enforced by the foreman James “Slag” Wormwood.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, Birmingham, Alabama. Photo Credit: Natalie Schorr/Shutterstock

During one fateful day, Wormwood found himself engrossed in his work, only to tragically lose his footing at the pinnacle of the tallest furnace, plunging into a seething vat of molten ore. Ever since workers have said that they encountered his angry spirit. They also said they were yelled at or shoved from behind by this spirit.

King’s Tavern, constructed in the late 1700s, proudly stands as the oldest edifice in Natchez, Mississippi. Serving as a resting place for weary travelers journeying along the historic Natchez Trail, the tavern welcomed a diverse array of individuals, including a few less reputable characters. It wasn’t until it was renovated in the 1930s that the owner found three mummified corpses.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
King’s Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi. Photo Credit: Flickr

Legend has it that among the deceased found within its walls, one was purportedly the mistress of the original owner of the tavern. This woman is supposedly responsible for the paranormal mischief, including knocking jars off shelves and tracking mud on the freshly mopped floors.

Although its exterior may appear unassuming, the tranquil residents of the St. Louis neighborhood are well aware that behind those closed doors, a plethora of intriguing events unfolded. The events even inspired the icon film The Exorcist because of what happened inside. Per local legends, the son of the family inhabiting the house allegedly fell under the possession of a demon while toying with an Ouija board.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Exorcist House, also called as House at 8435 Roanoke Drive, Missouri. Photo Credit: Flickr

When a priest was summoned to the premises, he bore witness to the bed of the young boy violently shaking, accompanied by the sudden emergence of scrapes and welts on his skin, seemingly appearing out of thin air. The infamous exorcism actually took place at a local university.

Although closed to the public for nearly a year, the Lincoln Theater in Illinois has earned a notorious reputation as one of the most haunted sites within the state. It opened in 1916, and people believe it was built on top of an ancient burial ground and two former hotels. People have said that a former stagehand, a woman in a long flowing dress, and other spirits have been spotted inside.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Lincoln Theater in Illinois. Photo Credit: Flickr

In the midst of the theater’s closure to the public, one can’t help but imagine the loneliness of the ghosts. Perhaps, in their ethereal realm, they have resorted to putting on shows exclusively for each other, seeking solace in the echoes of their spectral performances.

It’s because of stories like these that we don’t stay at old hotels. Constructed in 1882 in Montana, the Grand Union Hotel’s early days during the Wild West era gave rise to a captivating legend that has been perpetuated across generations, serving as a spine-chilling tale designed to evoke fear in unsuspecting listeners.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Grand Union Hotel in Montana. Photo Credit: Flickr

According to the story, an outlaw rode his horse into the hotel and up the main staircase. The bar manager shot the intruder, and today, guests have said that they hear the hoofbeats of a phantom horse. We can’t say if it’s true or not, but we don’t want to find out.

Centennial Hall, located in Valentine, Nebraska, proudly stands as the oldest schoolhouse in the state. However, it also carries a haunting past, having been the site of some deeply disturbing events. In 1944, a female student was killed by a poison clarinet reed, but no one knows why someone would have wanted to hurt her. After its days as a school came to an end, the building underwent a transformation and was repurposed as a museum.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Centennial Hall in Valentine, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Flickr

Yet, numerous individuals have shared accounts of experiencing an unsettling sense of unease inside its walls. Some people have even said they heard the sounds of a clarinet in the music room even though there are no instruments in the building.

While bearing a striking resemblance to other Las Vegas casinos, the Westgate Resort and Casino redefines the phrase “viva Las Vegas” in a truly unique manner. Some people believe Elvis hasn’t left the building, and it’s somewhat intimidating.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Photo of the Westgate Las Vegas hotel and casino in Winchester, Nevada. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Since his passing in 1977, numerous individuals who have stayed at the hotel have reported sightings of none other than the King himself, roaming the upper floors of the establishment. It is also believed that he spends time backstage to keep an eye on the other performers.

Mount Washington is a great place to go for a woodsy getaway and a paranormal experience. Rumored to harbor benevolent entities, the Mount Washington Hotel embraces a presence of generous spirits, one of which is believed to be an elderly woman who roams the hallways during the off-season. The summer staff even captured a photo of her once, and the lights there seem to have minds of their own.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Mount Washington from Intervale, New Hampshire. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The paranormal phenomena are attributed to the original owners of the hotel, who are believed to take pleasure in watching over their cherished property from beyond the grave.

Encompassing a vast one million acres across seven counties, the Pine Barrens in New Jersey stands as a magnificent expanse of natural beauty. In the past, this area was the dwelling place of Colonial sawmills, but the neighboring towns have long forsaken the industry. The towns have left behind restless spirits, including the Jersey Devil. The legend says that a winged creature with hooves and the head of a goat was born in 1735 as the child of Deborah Leeds.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Brooksbrae Brick Factory in New Jersey. Photo Credit: Flickr

For centuries, a malevolent presence has wreaked havoc on the Pine Barrens, preying on livestock and instilling terror in the surrounding area. It is strongly advised to steer clear of this part of the woods, as it is an unforgiving and perilous domain.

There is a lot more than meets the eye at Albuquerque’s Kimo Theater. It has a captivating history of paranormal occurrences linked to a young boy named Bobby. In a tragic incident back in 1951, Bobby lost his life when a water heater exploded in the theater lobby, forever imprinting his presence within the premises.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Historic Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photo Credit: stellamc/Shutterstock

People who have performed at the theater and work there sometimes leave small toys and presents to distract him and keep him from interrupting the show. When Bobby is not preoccupied, he seems to take delight in causing technical disruptions and glitches.

Despite being the largest private residence in the country, its grandeur does not exempt it from a haunting past. As the former vacation home of George Washington Vanderbilt II, it is now home to a few ghosts. The sprawling 135,280-square-foot estate has plenty of paranormal activity. The ethereal figures of both George and his wife Edith have been witnessed wandering through certain corridors, their apparitions haunting the halls.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Photo Credit: ZakZeinert/Shutterstock

On occasion, whispers echo through the air as Edith’s voice can be faintly heard, softly calling out George’s name. While they hang out inside the estate, there is apparently a headless orange cat that likes to play in the gardens.

While North Dakota may not offer a plethora of attractions, ghost-hunting enthusiasts should not overlook the Chateau de Mores. This location holds a special allure for those seeking supernatural encounters. The 26-room home is rumored to be visited by more than just tourists. There have been plenty of ghost sightings throughout the years, which draws in more people. Marquis de Mores built the home and named the city after his beloved wife, Medora.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Chateau de mores in Medora. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Despite the property being under state ownership now, there is a belief that Medora’s spirit never truly left from her home. Tour guides frequently come across an indentation on her side of the bed, and her hairbrush is found moved around on the vanity, adding to the mystery and fascination surrounding her lingering presence.

Constructed in 1886, the Ohio State Reformatory was originally intended to be a correctional institution centered on reform and rehabilitation. However, it ended up leaving a dark legacy marked by instances of abuse, torture, and even murder. The outside of it was even used in Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption, but the inside has an awful past.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Cell block at Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Photo Credit: Zack Frank/Shutterstock

Closed in 1990 due to a lawsuit brought on by overcrowding and inhumane conditions, the Ohio State Reformatory has since been opened for tours. Visitors often experience a sense of unease while exploring its corridors, as they can’t help but wonder if lingering spirits from its troubled past are still present within its walls. People have even reported being touched, scratched, or having their hair pulled while walking inside.

Situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Gilcrease Museum stands as a prominent showcase of the impressive art collection amassed by oil baron Thomas Gilcrease. He was so proud of his collection, and it seems he wasn’t ready to part with it when he died. Visitors and security alike have experienced strange things inside the museum.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo Credit: Flickr

There have been accounts from individuals who claim to have witnessed the apparition of Gilcrease himself strolling through the garden, where his remains find their resting place within the mausoleum.

Despite its unassuming exterior, Providence’s City Hall has been the site of peculiar and mysterious occurrences over the years. The staff has reported seeing chairs move on their own, and they heard whispers from empty rooms. A rumor persists that the paranormal activity within City Hall can be attributed to the ghost of the city’s former mayor, Thomas Doyle.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Providence City Hall and Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Rhode Island. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

He was buried in the building, and it seems like his spirit didn’t want to leave when he did.

The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in South Carolina have remained under the ownership of a single family since 1680, spanning generations of custodians. Over the course of its illustrious history, this cherished estate has been a witness to inexplicable phenomena and mysterious events. People heard music when no one was around, they heard children laughing, and distant coughs and growls. Intrigued by the tales of paranormal activity surrounding the plantation, a team of skilled investigators embarked on a journey to unravel things.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Old Tombs and Gravestones of Historic Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina. Photo Credit: Al Munroe/Shutterstock

Despite their best efforts, the experts couldn’t ascertain the identity or origin of the elusive forces responsible for the supernatural occurrences. It adds to the intrigue of the site and makes it more exciting for tourists.

Named in honor of its former sheriff, Seth Bullock, the Bullock Hotel in South Dakota stands as a testament to the legacy of the Wild West. With its distinctive architecture and captivating history, this cherished establishment faithfully preserves the spirit of a bygone era. However, people believe Seth never left the building after his passing. Guests and staff of the Bullock Hotel have seen the former sheriff in the hotel.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Historic Bullock Hotel on Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota. Photo Credit: Nagel Photography/Shutterstock

Numerous accounts have surfaced of glasses and dishes being mysteriously thrown around, and even the hotel piano occasionally playing on its own. It’s as if Seth Bullock himself is trying to entertain the guests from the realms beyond.

Given its name, it’s no surprise that this place carries a chilling history. Back in the 1800s, the infamous Bell Witch is said to have plagued the family of John Bell in the vicinity of Adams, Tennessee, subjecting them to an ordeal that defied explanation. For years, the family heard chains and heavy knocking on their walls, which ended with John Bell dying mysteriously. Legend has it that the malevolent spirit found its dwelling in a nearby cave, just a stone’s throw away from their home.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Over time, this cave came to be known as the Bell Witch Cave, forever associated with the haunting presence that had terrorized the Bell family. Today you can explore the cave and see if the Bell Witch actually exists, but we wouldn’t want to find out.

The Lone Star state is renowned for various aspects, and among them are its haunted locations, such as the USS Lexington. This formidable vessel embarked on a 21-month-long journey during World War II, and intriguingly, the Japanese reported its sinking on four separate occasions, only to witness its reappearance time and again, defying explanation. The ship’s nickname became “the Blue Ghost.” Today the ship serves as a museum that is known for its historical exhibits and paranormal activity.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
USS Lexington, Texas. Photo Credit: Nevskii Dmitrii/Shutterstock

Guests have reportedly met Charlie, a tour guide in a traditional navy uniform. Interestingly, despite the museum never having employed a tour guide named Charlie, persistent beliefs suggest that the presence experienced by visitors could be the apparition of a sailor, lingering in spectral form.

While Moon Lake may captivate with its picturesque and serene appearance, beneath its tranquil surface lies a realm of enigmatic occurrences and unexplained phenomena. The picturesque views of the crystal-clear lake draw in plenty of tourists, and the spirits from beyond scare people away. Throughout the years, campers have shared chilling accounts of witnessing the apparition of a young girl who tragically drowned in the lake, her ghost haunting the daylight hours.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Haunted Moon Lake Utah. Photo Credit: Flickr

People say she has bright blue lips and clothes dripping with water as she approaches them. We would hop in the car and never come back if we saw that.

While officially known as Gold Brook Bridge, the locals have bestowed upon it the name “Emily’s Bridge” due to the haunting legend associated with it. This historic covered bridge is believed to be the very site where a heartbroken woman named Emily met her untimely demise, etching her tragic tale into the annals of local lore. The accounts surrounding Emily’s demise vary, shrouded in numerous narratives, yet a common thread prevails—her spirit never departed from the scene.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Rural Vermont covered bridge by the name of Gold Brook in Stowe, Vermont. Photo Credit: Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

Curiously, those who traverse the bridge often discover inexplicable, long scratches mysteriously etched onto the sides of their vehicles, leaving an eerie reminder of Emily’s lingering presence. Others have said that they felt scratches on their body. She must want revenge for the person who broke her heart.

Haunted houses hold a special allure, particularly during the Halloween season, and Bacon’s Castle emerges as the epitome of such an eerie abode. Drawing fascination from thrill-seekers, this historic structure embodies the essence of a haunted house experience, captivating visitors with its chilling ambiance and ghostly tales. The castle was built in 1665, and it is the oldest brick house in the country. It isn’t shocking that the home is full of paranormal activity with its long history.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Rear view of the Bacon’s Castle plantation home in Surry, Virginia. Photo Credit: Sherry V Smith/Shutterstock

There are many theories about what has caused these ghostly experiences. Numerous reports have surfaced of witnessing spectral fireballs, floating heads, and disembodied voices within Bacon’s Castle. Strangely, despite these eerie occurrences, there are no apparent connections to any former residents of the house, leaving the mystery of its haunting unresolved.

Kells Irish Pub, despite its outward appearance as a typical bar, harbors a fascinating history as a former mortuary, which offers an explanation for the supernatural phenomena experienced within its walls. The Seattle bar draws in plenty of patrons because of the strange occurrences, like the two ghosts seen regularly. Within the confines of the establishment, dwells a spirited apparition of a red-haired little girl.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
A storefront sign for the bar known as Kells Seattle – Irish Restaurant and Bar. Photo Credit: The Image Party/Shutterstock

Her mischievous nature finds delight in playing tricks on unsuspecting individuals and merrily engaging with the children who accompany their parents to the pub. The other ghost is Charlie, who wears a long black coat and appears in the bar’s Guinness mirror on nights when there is live music.

Since its inauguration in 1893, the renowned Pfister Hotel has garnered a reputation for peculiar occurrences that guests have reported throughout its extensive timeline. The property is said to be haunted by Charles Pfister, the capitalist, newspaper publisher, and financier who owned the hotel.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo Credit: Tony Savino/Shutterstock

Pfister, known for his unwavering loyalty to his home state, is said to take pleasure in startling rival MLB players who find themselves in town to compete against the Milwaukee Brewers. Players across the league said lights would flicker unexpectedly, and locks would close on their own.

Constructed in the 1830s, Fort Laramie held significant significance as a pivotal trading post, a diplomatic hub for meetings, and a strategic military installation. Additionally, it provided refuge to intrepid fur trappers venturing further into the western frontier. As you can imagine, life in the rugged wilds was fraught with danger, and as a result, many adventuring Americans met grisly ends while trying to make ends meet. While there are many spirits who continue to visit this fort, the most popular by far is the iconic Lady in Green.

40+ Of The Most Haunted Places In The US That You Don’t Want To Visit
Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Post Hospital ruins. Photo Credit: Zack Frank/Shutterstock

According to legend, she was the daughter of a fur trapper who yearned for a life beyond simply trailing her father’s footsteps throughout the day. So, one afternoon she simply got onto her horse and rode off, never to be seen again. Every seven years she retraces her route, coming back to the fort that she so desperately wanted to leave.