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39. Cougar (Mountain Lion)

Death Count: 1 Human Fatality Every Few Years

Why They Kill Humans: For Food, Fear, Safety, And Territorial Reasons

Food Source: Smaller Animals (Rodents, Coyotes, Rabbits) & Some Bigger (Deer, Elk, Moose)

Location: North & South America

Cougars are beautiful animals and the only true big cat native only to the Americas. Often referred to as a Mountain Lion toward the southern United States, they live in 16 different states and several countries in South America. They tend to keep to themselves, but you’ll spot them in the woods or forests quite often. However, they rarely attack humans.

The only time they go toward a human being is when they are starving. This is why cougars tend to kill one person every few years. Sometimes, you might get a year where there are 10 or fewer occurrences, but even this is rare.