38 of the Strangest Plant Species 

By Trista
38 of the Strangest Plant Species 

There are always stories about weird animals, both on land and in the ocean. However, you rarely ever hear of strange plants that are outside of the norm. Well, you’re about to discover some of the weirdest plants that exist on planet Earth. They’re so odd that you will feel obligated to tell your friends and family what you’ve learned. These plants do so much more than just photosynthesize and provide blooming flowers for bees and other insects. It remains a mystery how certain plants managed to evolve in these strange ways. Keep reading to learn about some of the weirdest plant species growing on Earth.


This plant is more bashful than a blushing bride on her wedding day. Shutterstock.

The Shyest Plant You’ll Ever Find

It’s called the shy plant because of how it reacts to the human touch. Scientifically known as Mimosa pudica, touching the compound leaves results in them closing. It will remain that way for a few minutes before opening up again. The shy plant also has this reaction when the sun goes down, likely to minimize evaporation from its leaves to retain moisture. You can see in the image how the plant will shut its leaves when someone touches it.