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23 Tips for Living More Sustainably in College
Saying “no” to flying can help you preserve the environment because flying is the worst way to travel. Shutterstock.

If You Don’t Have to Fly, Don’t Do It

While you probably think that you can’t fly for a while because of the current crisis, you always want to think of staying closer to home, so you don’t need to fly anywhere – even when the current crisis ends. 

When you turn to the airplane, you’re damaging the environment worse than using your vehicle or taking a bus. Flying from Bristol to Edinburgh produces 0.15 metric tons of carbon. You might not think there are many sights to see close to home, but if you can take the bus, train, or car, you can see it. Therefore, enjoy your drive across the country. 

23 Tips for Living More Sustainably in College
You can turn gardening into a family event and get your children to help so they can learn how to live more sustainably. Shutterstock.

Start a Big Garden

Even if you feel you don’t have much room to start a garden, you can find a small corner in your yard to get yourself a little start. Maybe you can start a community garden where people from your area will grow their food and share with other members of the community. 

Gardens are a great way to eat healthily, save money, and cut down your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly. You can always invest in windowsill boxes if you don’t have a yard to help grow your garden. 


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