One advantage of taking your notes electronically is that you don’t need to skim your notebooks for information, as you can effortlessly search on Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Shutterstock.

Take Your Notes Electronically

You have seen many movies and television shows where students are busy writing down their notes on paper. While some turn to computers, many seem to feel that they need paper and writing utensils; otherwise, they don’t fully get the college experience. The truth is that no matter how you take your notes, you’ll gain the knowledge and understanding to build your sustainable living and look to your laptop or iPad to take your notes. 

This method will help you save money when it comes to buying school supplies as you won’t need to spend your dollars on paper, but you will also stop wasting paper. Think of it this way – what will you do with the notes when you’re done with a class? Throw them away? Instead, you can simply delete them from your device.