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Horrifying Before And After Stories Of Lobotomy Victims
[Image via NPR]

Howard Dully

  • When He Was Lobotomized: December of 1960
  • Age: 12
  • Likely Mental Disorder: Potential Personality Disorder

Howard Dully might be the most famous male lobotomy case ever. This is likely due to why he was lobotomized and the photos that came from it. He’s also one of the few living that could describe the after-effects to the current generation. Dr. Freeman saw Howard when Dully was just 12 years old. He was defiant and “savage-looking” according to his doctor’s notes on him. He claimed that there were mental issues and that he is trying to test his father and stepmother. Dr. Freeman claimed Dully does not react to love or punishment.

Freeman wrote “he objects to going to bed but then sleeps well. He does a good deal of daydreaming but when asked about it he says “I don’t know.” Howard turns his room’s lights on when there is broad sunlight outside.” Freeman performed a lobotomy on Dully in 1960, causing his entire nature to change. Howard just sat, grinning and offering nothing according to his stepmother. Dully still suffers memory loss and claims ever since the operation, he has felt like a freak. This is nothing new from lobotomy victims, but still sad to see.

Horrifying Before And After Stories Of Lobotomy Victims
[Image via John F. Kennedy Library Foundation]

Rosemary Kennedy: The Beauty Paralyzed By Her Father’s Greed

  • When She Was Lobotomized: November 1941
  • Age: 23
  • Likely Mental Disorder: Dyslexia, Potentially Bipolar Disorder

Now for the most famous lobotomy case, we have Rosemary Kennedy. She is the sister of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The worst part about her case is that she did not have some sort of crazed or violent mental issue. She dealt with dyslexia. This is when a person has trouble comprehending specific numbers or letters, causing a problem with learning as well as obviously reading and math skills. Rosemary was misunderstood by her parents as well as her school.

Knowledge of her condition was minimal, so doctors claimed she was developmentally disabled. Her father was a politician himself and it is claimed that his political aspirations led him to consent to his 23-year-old daughter getting a frontal lobotomy procedure. She erupted into tantrums when she did not get her way, which could embarrass her father. The lobotomy left her partially paralyzed on her left side as well as mute. We hope her father’s political aspirations were worth making his daughter one of the many lobotomy victims of the 1940s.