35 Science Fiction Inventions That Could Make The Future Very Interesting

By Joe Burgett
35 Science Fiction Inventions That Could Make The Future Very Interesting

If you’re like most of us, you have been a fan of science fiction and/or fantasy-driven entertainment for years. While movie franchises like Harry Potter sold us on some magical inventions, shows like Star Trek sold us on practical inventions. However, both had things that could be seen in the real world. Science fiction inventions are usually incredible but they do come true.

While you can talk about how Nostradamus was able to get a lot of things correct from his future-casting concepts, it seems science fiction entertainment has gotten far more right than wrong about our future. In fact, people aspire to make some of the things you see from those TV shows, movies, and even books.

It could be said that science fiction has led inventors into making the very things they once saw there. When science fiction inventions are at the forefront of an inventor’s ideas and then the right technology comes along for them to make them, why shouldn’t they go for the dream? It seems only right.

The question for many might be, what has happened from science fiction already and what could happen in the future? We decided to make an article based completely around this. In each slide, we’ll be going over how possible something is and if you can see it today. We’ll even give an estimate on the year you could see something debut if it hasn’t already.

With that said, we hope you enjoy the 35 science fiction inventions that could make our future awesome!


Hoverboard Back to the Future
[Image via Universal Pictures]

35. Real Hoverboards

  • Chances We’ll See It: High

We all know that Back to the Future was nearly on the money about a number of cool things. However, the biggest thing they are known for (other than time travel) might very well be hoverboards. So where are those dang hoverboards? Hoverboards are actually around today somewhat.

People have made versions of them that use air compression technology of sorts, jet propellers, etc. to keep them off the ground. There are even some that use a form of magnetism. However, these boards are often made by random people and they are sadly not up for sale. We’re likely a few years away from the type we know and love.