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Your home is an excellent place for your children to learn. They get to have fun and be a little bit messy too. Coloring and reading books are fantastic tools to help your child learn, but have you ever thought about doing some at-home science projects with them?

You’re probably worried that you don’t have all the ingredients in your kitchen to create an erupting volcano, and that’s where this excellent list of purchasable science projects comes in. These educational science kits online are fun and provide different types of learning depending on the scientific interest. 

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Have fun with discovering more about our amazing world and all the wonders we have. Credit: National Geographic Store


This incredible science kit comes with an astonishing 15 experimental activities for your children to enjoy. There’s everything from water tornadoes to erupting volcanoes and even growing your crystals. You’ll also be able to teach your children about geological digging with this kit from National Geographic. This kit gives your family a chance to interact with multiple experiments and have a lot of fun together while learning. The fantastic part about this kit is that it comes with easy to follow instructions so that you can all enjoy learning, discovering, and exploring. 

Tiffany G says, “This is one of the best finds on Amazon! Everything in the kit is reusable if you take care of it and is worth the value, especially if you’re looking for sensory ideas for your kiddos.”

Get the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit from just $29.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Learn more about science and how movement works with this chain reaction LEGO kit. Credit: Klutz

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

LEGO is an essential part of childhood, and it helps to develop some necessary skills. So, what’s better than a science experiment with LEGO? This science kit teaches your child all about chain reactions and how movement works. You’ll get an 80-page instruction booklet along with 33 LEGO pieces. This kit gives you the chance to build incredible designs that you can play with balls, string, and even paper ramps. This specific experiment toy is targeted to children eight and up. Monitor the use of small elements such as the balls, and you’ll have a lot of fun working as a family or even just your kids on building a fantastic chain reaction. 

A. M. Thomas says, “Wow! Not sure who is having more fun, my husband or the kids (5 and 7 years.) They love engineering, building, projects, and more. If you are like-minded, this shouldn’t disappoint.”

Order the Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit for $13.08

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Grow crystals, and your children’s love for geology when you order this science kit. Credit: 4M

Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

Let your kids have the most fun with this crystal growing kit! It’s impressive, and your children will marvel at the crystals they can make. You’ll be able to enjoy seven different crystal growth experiments. Not only will you be able to create the crystals, but you get a particular display case so that you can admire them once they have fully developed. It is great to be able to showcase your hard work and see what is possible in this world. If your kids are showing an interest in science, you have to order this kit right now. It is recommended that this kit is for children ten years old and upwards. 

TuCool says, “This set is AWESOME! I highly recommend it! I purchased it to grow crystals in the office as a fun experiment to keep me entertained during the busy season, and it did not disappoint. You need to be sure to follow the instructions carefully.”

Purchase the Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit for only $18.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Reveal the inner treasures of these geodes and learn all about the magic of geology. Credit: National Geographic

National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

So you might not want to grow your own crystals with the kid and instead work with already formed geodes. You should then order this ten pack of premium geodes from National Geographic. This science kit is so exciting for the kids as they will get to break open the rocks to reveal the crystal treasures waiting inside. It is a hands-on science experiment that all your little budding geologists will be fascinated by. It even comes with a set of safety goggles to ensure that this is a safe activity. You also get a full-color learning guide to take you through the process of revealing your crystals. It also comes with display stands to showcase the beautiful crystals. Start your child’s rock collection today. 

R. Miller says, “Purchased the geodes for my seven year old’s birthday. She loved breaking them open, but I was pretty excited about it too!”

Buy the National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes for just $24.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Learn all about the foundation of chemistry with this kit as you put together different compound models. Credit: Parco Scientific

Parco Scientific PCM008 240PCs Molecular Model Kit

This kit from Parco Scientific will help your children to learn all about the foundations of chemistry. They’ll do this while putting together the elements that will create a learning structure. The science kit is targeted towards older children, middle school, and up to university. This molecular model set helps children to study organic and inorganic molecules. Each different item represents something in the kit, and you can make models of over 40 compounds. You’ll also get the bonds needed to create these models and a great storage box to keep everything together so you can enjoy this experiment for years and years. 

Bridget’s Mom says, “I have two daughters who are very interested in all things scientific, and I was looking for some hands-on ways for them to explore chemistry lessons further. They have not yet used these, but after trying them out myself, I feel that these will be easy to use and will be a great way to represent different molecular models visually. “

Order the Parco Scientific PCM008 240PCs Molecular Model Kit for $23.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Learn all about bacteria as it grows or uses this as the starting point for a science fair project. Credit: EZ BioResearch

EZ BioResearch Bacteria Science Kit

This online science product has quickly become the #1 best felling bacteria science kit on Amazon and for a good reason. It is professional quality at its finest and at an affordable price as well. You could even use this as the foundation for a science fair project if you are looking for one. It also comes with the safest agar plates available online to grow the bacteria. The importance of safety is made clear with the product, and it is a STEM recommended product too. 

Amber deuel was so impressed with this kit and said, “These kits are much fun. I teach fourth and fifth grade, and one of the standards that reach across grade levels has to do with bacteria and healthy habits. It is insanely fun to have the students swab their friends’ hands and see what grows. They need to be done with it fairly warm outside; otherwise, they will not culture correctly. I didn’t need an incubator, but it was about 80° outside, and I left them in our portable window.”

Buy the EZ BioResearch Bacteria Science Kit for only $22.80

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Feel slimy — in a good way! — with this awesome DIY Slime Kit that will keep your kids entertained from start to finish. Credit: Baby Mushroom

Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

Get ready to be slimed! Let’s get real; kids love slime, so what could be better than an experiment kit that allows your kids to make their very own slime? They’ll get to experiment and learn all about what goes into creating this brilliant gooey mess. It comes with all the tools, powders, accessories, and activator to make it the most awesome experience. You can even help the kids make heat-sensitive color-changing slime, or what about some glow in the dark slime? There is also clear slime and galaxy glitter slime. 

The kit comes with recipes so you can learn as you go along. This science kit is perfect for kids ages eight and up, and some of you parents might love this as well. Slime isn’t just a fun toy to play with, something like this is very educational because it teaches your children about chemistry. Another plus about this science kit is that it has eco-friendly packaging, so we are big supporters. 

Purchase the Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit for $19.98

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
With a kit of 21 experiments, the kids will be entertained for hours and having fun learning all about science. Credit: Learn & Climb

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

Sometimes when you buy your children a toy kit, when they’re finished with it – the fun is over. Well, that’s not the case with this kit! It is packed full of fun with 21 unique experiments that range from building your DIY lava lamp to the good old favorite – the exploding volcano! There are amazing experiments for your kids to enjoy in this kit, and STEM learning is included so that they are engaged and happy when playing with this set. To make these experiments even more enjoyable, everything is included, and the chemicals are safe for kids to use as well. You’ll only require a few everyday household items for some of the experiments. You can even start with your children from ages five and up with this fun-packed kit. 

Gala says, “We bought this as a gift for my daughter’s friend. We were so pleased with the product we just bought another set for ourselves. The experiments are age-appropriate and so much fun.”

Get the Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids for only $35.99 today!

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Let your children work their way from simple switches to functioning fans and lights! Credit: Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit

It’s time for your children to get the most exciting introduction to the workings of electronics with this snap circuits kit! This amazing kit comes with more than 44 color-coded circuit components that all snap together to create an actual working electronic circuit! For children ages eight and upwards, this kit is a dream as it offers 175 do-it-yourself projects. They will learn so much from it, and you can grow as you go with it as each one gets slightly more complex. The kids will build their circuit skills as they work their way through the manual. It starts with more simple lessons such as an LED light and switches project to a glow-in-the-dark flying fan. This science project truly is a fantastic kit that will excite and educate your children at the same time. 

Incredimom` says, “Great fun for my young scientist! I bought this for my eight-year-old, and it was his favorite birthday gift. He received it over two months ago, and it is still in constant use.”

Order the Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit for $64.27

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Make bath time a fun activity by letting your kids create their soap to use in the tub! Credit: Klutz

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science Kit

Instead of just buying your kids ordinary soap, let them make their own because it has never been this easy and fun! Klutz offers a complete kit that will help your children melt and mold up to ten soaps from beginning to end. There are fun soap molds, bright colors, and even some soap stickers. They can even add skin-safe glitter to the mix and make beautiful and sparkling soap. It also comes with a coconut papaya fragrance that both children and adults will love. Make bath time a fun activity by giving them this project and then allowing them to enjoy their creation. There are also additional soap-based science experiments to try out in your kitchen with the kids while waiting for the soap to harden. 

Nichole vor says, “I love this kit! It is cute, and a child can feel like they are doing the craft themselves. Everything pictured you can make with what they provide.” This science kit is also an award-winning toy and won the “National Parenting Center” award in 2017. Your children will love creating soap in the shape of stars and even cat faces – make sure you order this right away before it sells out!

Buy the Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science Kit for $18.22

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Hear the beautiful chimes from this solar-powered creation and learn all about renewable energy sources. Credit: Dan&Darci

Make Your Own SOLAR-POWERED Light-Up Wind Chime Kit

There’s nothing more relaxing than the beautiful sound of a wind chime – well, what about making one with your children? This kit is an enjoyable at-home science project to work on alongside your family. It is a kit that allows you to design, create, and install a solar-powered light-up wind chime. This kit will teach your children about solar power and how we can harness all these different types of energy that our earth provides. It comes with everything you need, including two artwork templates to make this wind chime personalized. 

The light in the wind chime will charge itself, and it even has an ambiance sensor that will automatically turn it on at nighttime and preserve it’s light when it is daytime. When it is fully charged, it can run up to 6 hours! You can also hang this up anywhere outside like in a tree because it is water-resistant too. 

Get the Make Your Own SOLAR-POWERED Light-Up Wind Chime Kit for $24.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Create exploitation of color in the bathtub and engage in a STEM activity at the same time! Credit: Playz

Playz Bath Bomb Bonanza Science Activity

Bath bombs are the most fun way to enjoy time in the tub – this goes for both children and adults. If you want to teach your children about science in a fun way – this is the kit you need to order. It will educate your children about acid and base reactions; they’ll also learn about the science of fizz, which will result in colorful eruptions. It comes with everything you’ll need to make these fun bath bombs. You’ll also get a lab guide to show you how to do everything. It’s perfect for all children, ages eight and up. They could even make these bath bombs a personal gift to someone, and it will be so thoughtful because they made it. It is also a wonderful STEM activity for children. 

Teri says, “Purchased for eight and 9-year-old granddaughters. They immediately broke into the box and spent a long time in the bathroom creating bath bombs and later using them for their baths. It was a creative activity that they could use. Would purchase again.”

Order the Playz Bath Bomb Bonanza Science Activity for $19.95

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Let the problem-solving instincts kick in with this robotic science experiment kit. Credit: 2Pepers

2Pepers Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits for Kids (4-in-1)

Inspire your children with this DIY STEM toy. It is a fantastic robot kid that will let your children create and build things and learn at the same time. They will even have the chance to develop their electric motor kit. This kit comes with exciting things such as a bubble machine, a graffiti doodling robot, a robotic car, and even a funny bicycle. Helping your children develop important skills in a fun environment is the way to go. A kit like this will encourage them to be excited about the world of engineering while using their problem solving and fine motor skills. It also gives your family some time to do family bonding. You can all work on a project together and enjoy it when it’s complete. 2Pepers certainly offers the next generation of science toys, and we love this one! 

Oudi Antebi says, “Got this adorable science kit for my 11-year-old son. He built it with his friend, and I couldn’t believe how fascinated they were when they assembled the DIY robots. It got them thinking, solving problems by themselves, and experiencing something new.”

Purchase the 2Pepers Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits for Kids (4-in-1) for $26.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Light up your learning with this fun circuit kit with over 115 options of projects to work on overtime. Credit: PANTHEON

Circuit Board for Kids with Lighted Bricks

It’s time for a real show stopper with this science project for kids! It is all STEM-based, making the parents happy, and the lighted bricks, sounds, and motion will make the kids over the moon! Working with electrical components, your children will work with their hands to design and build models of circuit boards. This science project is different from the usual circuit board kits because it is so exciting to see it all light up, and your child’s imagination gets to work. It comes with a manual of over 115 projects, which will keep them occupied and learning for hours. They will get the chance to build amazing things such as flying saucers, flashing lights, speakers, and even a fan. It’s easy to follow and learn. 

Christen says, “This is a great snap circuits kit! My son has the Snap Circuits brand, but my daughter wanted her own set, so I searched and found this set. She loves it, and I am happy with the quality. The pieces fit like legos and are colorful and easy to use.”

Get the Circuit Board for Kids with Lighted Bricks for only $19.97

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Time to have fun with this wondrous Anti-Gravity kit that your kids will marvel at as they work with it. Credit: 4M

4M Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

It’s time for your kids to enter the magical world of magnetism, and what better way to do that than by buying them this Anti-Gravity Maglev kit? They will get the chance to perform seven fun science projects, ranging from a levitating screw to building a maglev. It is a fun and hands-on approach to science. It is so much fun to do this with friends and family as well – it doesn’t have to be a solo project. Join your forces together, kids and adults and figure out all that this kit has to offer. This kit combines the concept of arts and crafts but puts a science spin on it to allow kids to learn many skills at once. 

Sajan said, “Bought for a 10-year-old nephew. He loved it and was more excited about this than all the other “cool” gifts he got for bday. He wanted his uncle’s to help him. His dad was happy for a fun science gift instead of another mindless toy, def getting something like this going forward as default gift that packs educational value and cool factor in 1.”

Buy the 4M Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit for $17.57

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
If you’re looking for a way to introduce science learning to your little ones, do it with squishy water beads. Credit: hand2mind

hand2mind Science Kit Squishy Water Beads

Let your kids learn about gases, liquids, and solids with this squishy water beads at-home science project. It comes with an amazing and engaging storybook that introduces your children to essential science terms so that your budding young scientist can learn all about the awesome things in this subject. They will follow the story of Nick and Luna through their fun narrative. This science kit is perfect for ages five and up as it is all concepts that the young kids will be able to understand. There are ten different activities that they will get to go through a hands-on approach. 

They will learn all about scientific methods, properties of matter, and get to enjoy sensory play. This kit is crafted with small children in mind and developing their interest in science. You can also reuse everything to experiment all over again. Have fun with these squish and slipper water beads! They’ll get the chance to build a stress ball, a mini mood lamb, and a calming mood tube. 

Buy the hand2mind Science Kit Squishy Water Beads for $34.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
4M has so many amazing at-home science projects for your kids to try, and this bubble kit is no exception. Credit: 4M

KidzLabs Bubble Science 

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! This science kit will teach you more than just the ordinary round bubble. Your kids will get to work their way through bubble experiments and learn some entertaining bubble tricks! This kit will also teach them about geometry through the shapes they create and the bubbles. The kit comes with a variety of bubble frames, and they make some fascinating bubble shapes and sizes. You’ll also learn about creating unusual bubble mixtures that will give you some very worthwhile results. This kit will let kids experiment with an unbreakable bubble, a giant bubble, and so much more. This science project is a perfect kit for children ages five and upwards. Let your child’s imagination develop with this incredible kit. 

LuckMagnolia said, “Very informative and fun. Perfect for my ten-year-old to explore the science of bubbles. The book that comes with it has a ton of info and experiments for you to try.”

Purchase the KidzLabs Bubble Science for only $10.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Experiment using your taste buds and this fun culinary science at home experiment kit for kids. Credit: Scientific Explorer

Tasty Science At Home Project

The terrific thing about science is that there are so many different aspects of it that it even extends to culinary science! Let your kids taste buds go for a ride with this enjoyable culinary science kit that will help them to produce some delicious experiments. They’ll learn all about why a soda pop fizzes and why cakes rise – you might even learn something as the supervising parent! This kit includes baking soda, citric acid, fruit flavorings, coloring, sprinkles, bouillon cube, measuring spoon, scoop, and labels. You also get litmus paper, baking cups, test tubes, test tube stands, and a pipette. Kids will work their way through the activity guide as they create using this science project. Turn your kitchen into their laboratory and see what edible concoctions they come up with using the kit! There are ten activities, such as cupcakes, cookies, and even some crystallized candy. 

Vivek says, “My kid loved it and used it for a school science project and got an A-plus. My son has learned a lot of new and interesting facts about the pH level, new chemical experiments like making fizzy soda, baking muffins using baking powder…”

Order the Tasty Science At Home Project for $26.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Unleash the world of dinosaurs into the bathtub when your kids create and design their dinosaur soaps. Credit: Dan&Darci

Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids

Soap-making is already fun and educational, but what about when do you make soap that looks like dinosaurs? This version is even better! The science kit will let your kids experiment with soap and learn about the different types of dinosaurs. They’ll get to enjoy making a T-rex, Styracosaurus, and a Stegosaurus. Forget about sticking to the original dinosaur colors, though – go bold or go home with this kit! You get a variety of liquid colors to design your dinosaurs . You also get six soap base blocks, different fragrances, molds, a beaker, four pop sticks, a tray to work on, and a very comprehensive instruction guide. Make science fun and engaging by introducing your kids to this project kit. 

April Mom said, “This was a Christmas gift for my dinosaur loving niece (8) and nephew (6). Their mom said that it was so much fun, and they enjoyed creating the soaps. I would recommend this for any kid-teen who likes being creative. The bonus is that when the activity is over, you have adorable soaps to use at bath time for a while.

Buy the Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids for $22.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Watch nature come alive in your own home as you and your kids witness the transformation from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Credit: Insect Love

Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit

Last but not least, it’s the Butterfly Garden! Watching a butterfly metamorphosis in your own home will amaze your children. Even you will be engaged as an adult! It teaches children to care for live insects and watch them as they transform into something truly magnificent. This process will take about three weeks, and you’ll get to witness every stage of the transformation. This kit does not come with live caterpillars. Instead, you get a voucher to claim your caterpillars online when you are ready to start the process. By doing this, you can wait for the right season and temperature to raise the butterflies, and they’ll be shipped live to your door. You’ll receive a cup with five live baby caterpillars, and they will grow inside this until it; ‘s time for them to create their cocoons. Don’t worry about their food, because this is already placed inside the cup for them. When they are ready, you’ll place the lid from the container into the chrysalis station into the mesh garden. The last of their process takes seven to ten days, and then you will have butterflies to release into your garden! 

Anthrorn said, “I bought this for my 10-year-old daughter who loves all things nature. It was amazing! The self-contained cupcake with tiny caterpillars grew without any need for care whatsoever in just a few days. It was amazing to watch! They made their cocoons as expected and hatched into beautiful butterflies!”

Purchase the Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit for just $24.70