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Your home is an excellent place for your children to learn. They get to have fun and be a little bit messy too. Coloring and reading books are fantastic tools to help your child learn, but have you ever thought about doing some at-home science projects with them?

You’re probably worried that you don’t have all the ingredients in your kitchen to create an erupting volcano, and that’s where this excellent list of purchasable science projects comes in. These educational science kits online are fun and provide different types of learning depending on the scientific interest. 

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids
Have fun with discovering more about our amazing world and all the wonders we have. Credit: National Geographic Store


This incredible science kit comes with an astonishing 15 experimental activities for your children to enjoy. There’s everything from water tornadoes to erupting volcanoes and even growing your crystals. You’ll also be able to teach your children about geological digging with this kit from National Geographic. This kit gives your family a chance to interact with multiple experiments and have a lot of fun together while learning. The fantastic part about this kit is that it comes with easy to follow instructions so that you can all enjoy learning, discovering, and exploring. 

Tiffany G says, “This is one of the best finds on Amazon! Everything in the kit is reusable if you take care of it and is worth the value, especially if you’re looking for sensory ideas for your kiddos.”

Get the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit from just $29.99

20 Science Kits and STEM Projects for Kids