20 Out of this World Mars Finds

By Trista
20 Out of this World Mars Finds

There is a lot about space that we don’t know about, with scientists making discoveries all the time. One of the most mysterious planets is Mars. Known as the Red Planet, Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun as well as the second smallest planet after Mercury. Mars gets its nickname from the reddish tint of its surface. The planet’s red color comes from iron oxide on the planet’s surface.

As a terrestrial planet, Mars has a thin atmosphere. Its surface features many craters and divots similar to those seen on the Moon and in the Earth’s polar ice caps, deserts, and valleys. Because of the way the planet rotates, its seasons and days are close to those on Earth. The largest volcano and second-highest mountain peak in the Solar System is Olympus Mons, located on Mars.

Currently, researchers are looking into whether Mars could be viable for human habitability in the future. Mars has been explored for decades, and there are presently eight spacecraft being used to investigate the Red Planet. Six spacecraft are orbiting Mars while two are present on the surface. The rover Curiosity and lander InSight are equipped with cameras that capture what’s going on Mars’ surface. Curiosity and InSight travel across the planet, and they have taken images of many unusual things on Mars. Keep reading to see what unique discoveries have been made on planet Mars!